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Bitcoin fell again during Monday's trading, while we continue to see sellers entering this market. We are now approaching the $ 6800 level, which is the beginning of the next support region that could open the door to the $ 6000 level. I think at this point it is obvious that the bitcoin can not support the rallies and that those gatherings will end up being sales opportunities. As I said once and another video, this pig will not fly ", and there is nothing in this chart that tells me something different at this point.At this point, it seems there is a new title coming out every day that bitcoin will save, but nothing has. If we go down below the $ 6000 level, we will stop at $ 5000 in the coming weeks.

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<h2>  BTC / JPY </h2>
<p>  Bitcoin fell against the Japanese yen during the weekend and also on Monday, while we are reaching the ¥ 760,000 level. a significant amount of support at ¥ 700,000 level, so I think the lower move will probably slow down a bit from here, but the rallies are still selling opportunities, and you can see that the ellipse I had drawn on the chart from the previous support it has been broken down, so it is likely that it should offer resistance. In general, I think the market should continue to be noisy, but negative. We have not been able to stand out on the upside with any kind of meaning, and by far the easiest way to exchange bitcoins was to shorten it. Yes, we occasionally get strong rallies, but end up being good selling opportunities. Think of it as a value in the Japanese yen. the Japanese yen has been soft for some t ime against other currencies. </p>
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