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BTC Core Company Blockstream launches Own Block Explorer on Blockstream.info


Blockstream launches their Block Explorer

In August, Blockstream announced that they were releasing a series of new tools. One of these was the block explorer, which is now available. This block explorer will allow users to search and view data published in real time on the Liquid sidechain and on the Bitcoin network.

The motivation

The original motivation for creating this block explorer was to allow Liquid & # 39; s users side chain to check their transactions. Beyond that, the liquidators will earn from this explorer because they can use the tool as a dashboard to monitor the activity of the network. Beyond that, they added support for BTC and made it available and public.

Benefits of Explorer

This tool has various features compared to existing products. The information it shows comes from an updated core bit of Bitcoin node. Beyond that, it has native support for SegWit, bech32 and various other features on BTC network.

The project will start with some features and will add more features later. Some of benefits of this explorer are:

• Support for BitNet's TestNet, mainnet and Liquid

• There are no traces or analytical scripts

• Has support for Bech32

• Supports liquid reserved addresses

• Increased privacy support through Tor (V2, V3)

• Monitors stakes and closures between liquid and BTC

The explorer will make it easy for the average person to explore the network. However, with time, it will have advanced features for developers. They are still open to suggestions on what features developers might need. You can always get in touch with them on Twitter for suggestions.

Understanding Blockstream

Blockstream is a blockchain technology company led by Adam Back. The company is one of the companies at the core of Bitcoin Core financing, a network client. The company focuses on developing BTC applications. In this area, it focuses mainly on coming with side chains although it develops other apps.

The company has so far raised $ 76 million from investors such as Mosaic Ventures. In its ranks, it has some of the leading BTC developers such as Samson Mow and Christopher Allen, co-author of the IETF Transport Layer security. The company is known to be one of the biggest founders of Bitcoin Core.

Liquid sidechain

In October 2015, the company launched the Liquid sidechain. This side chain makes it possible to transfer resources between mainnet and sidechain. Since then, the company has continued to work on products that improve the interoperability between sidechain and mainnet. Because of this sidechain, Blockstream says it reduces the delays that occur during BTC transactions.

As proof of this, he said the exchanges, which use Liquid as Xapo, Unocoin and Kraken, are able to make almost instantaneous transactions between orders and accounts. The company is pushing to have Liquid incorporated into the BTC protocol. To demonstrate how serious they are, they also released the source for the sidechain and made it open source.

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