presents Ethereum Block Explorer

[ad_1], an important pool manager Bitcoin, a supplier of wallet and block explorer, is further expanding its services in the encrypted market. The site announced that it has added an Ethereum block explorer to its range of services.

The new block explorer provides data that is typically found in other explorers: it will show the price, market capitalization, transaction costs and expected confirmation times of Ethereum. It also allows users to track transactions involving ETH and see the ERC-20 token rankings. These features will be useful for various audiences, according to director Zhong Zhuang:

"We will present a more complete data service for our users and provide information on data for miners, investors, media, developers and entrepreneurs in the blockchain data service."

In some ways,'s new block explorer is fairly standard. Other sites, such as Etherscan, provide similar data. What is most notable is the fact that the BTC block explorer accompanies the recently opened Ethereum mining pools.

These mining tanks fight the reduced profitability of the Ethereum extraction making it possible to extract the currency from basic hardware. Data mining pools can significantly increase the profitability of cryptographic activities by allowing users to share the efforts and benefits of the mining industry. However, users must choose between various pools and mining options and statistics can influence that choice.

With this in mind, the block explorer provides interesting information for Ethereum miners, such as mining difficulties, hashrates, and pool distributions. Therefore, the information provided by the new block explorer can be of vital importance to attract users to the Ethereum and Ethereum Classic pools of certainly has an advantage in terms of attraction for users: it is already one of the biggest Bitcoin mining basins, which currently represent about 18% of Bitcoin mining activities. It is also one of the three main pools owned by the mining giant Bitmain. The Ethereum data now complete with the site could attract many existing users to extract the currency.

But if dominates the extraction of Ethereum it is not clear: months after the launch of the site's Ethereum mining pool, it controls less than 1% of the ETH extraction. However, the block explorer will generate traffic from an audience other than miners, such as investors and developers, as noted by Zhuang.

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