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Browser Mining: What is browser-based mining and how much can you earn on it in 2018? | TheCoinShark

Extraction has attracted an increasing number of people in the last two years, but unfortunately this sphere remains unattainable for many of them due to the relatively high entry threshold (equipment purchases, maintenance needs, etc.). There is an opportunity for these people to start doing browser-based mining without investing money.

In this article we will discuss the topic of Bitcoin browser mining and other coins, we will explain how much you can actually do on this and what steps should be taken to get started.

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  1. The main features of browser-based mining, its advantages and disadvantages
  2. How much can you earn with browser-based mining?
  3. Step by step instructions for starting browser-based mining
  4. Conclusion

1. The main features of browser mining, its advantages and disadvantages

The Web mining involves the extraction of some coins through the software that is on the site server and uses the CPU resources of the user's computer. It should be noted that this process can proceed either with the permission of the user or without. Some dishonest webmasters use this technique to monetize their site without informing their visitors about it. This method has been quite popular last year, but over time browser developers have started to struggle with hidden web mining and the relevance in this dishonest enrichment method has disappeared.

Beginners who want to try this field can start digging coins this way. There is no entry threshold here, so anyone with access to the Internet can engage in cryptocurrency mining without investing. To do this, it is not even necessary to install special software on a computer or laptop. Simply register with certain services and open the desired page in your browser to start the browser mining process in 2018.

2. How much can you earn with browser-based mining?

The main disadvantage of this type of activity is its profit close to nothing. The fact is that the performance of the browser mining script is substantially lower than the coin mining through the CPU. If even CPU extraction it is not particularly relevant and in most cases it carries losses, since it does not even pay for electricity bills, so what can be said about its browser-based "younger brother"?

If we talk about certain amounts of earnings, it should be noted that they will depend on many factors. For example, browser-based mining of Monero or any other altcoin is much more profitable than the browser Bitcoin extraction. It is quite difficult to say web-mining of which particular currency is the most profitable at the moment. Depend on:

  • rate of a coin;
  • total number of miners;
  • computational complexity of the system;
  • etc.

Mining, including that based on browsers, has its specific phases. For example, sometimes it is more beneficial for the browser-mine Ethereum, sometimes the mining of Monero will bring you more profit. Even in the most optimistic scenario, profits from this type of business are barely sufficient to pay for the Internet. Of course, you can simply open the card and then take care of your business, you can earn more money in this way. Unfortunately, the word "penny" used in the previous sentence is quite accurate. Miracles do not happen and if you want to engage in mining more or less seriously, you have to buy powerful specialized equipment.

3. Step-by-step instructions for starting browser-based mining

In general, we have already figured out what web mining is and what prospects it has. Now let's take a closer look at the list of sites for browser mining. It should be noted that this is not a complete list of conscientious services that actually pay the coins to their users for web mining. You have to be very careful, because there are many scam projects that promise a good reward, but in the end they do not pay a penny. Browser-based mining sites include the following:

  1. FreeBitcoin. It is already clear from its name that this service offers to get the world's number 1 cryptocurrency – BTC.
  2. BrowserMine. This service offers the opportunity to set the computing power that will be used for mining, so you can decide how much to make.
  3. Webmining. The functionality of this service does not differ from those mentioned above. The service objective is the reference system, in which up to 60% of the profits of invited users can be received.

4. Conclusion

To summarize today's topic, we should say that web mining still exists today, and absolutely anyone can do it. To start cryptocurrency mining via the browser, you do not need to have initial capital or install special software. This is an indisputable advantage of this type of activity. However, earning a fair amount of money using web mining is simply impossible. It should be noted that there are very few reliable reliable services for browser mining Dogecoin, litecoin, Ethereum, etc. Bitcoin it is even less profitable.

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