Brilliency portfolio to include the token based on Swytch's blockchain


CLEVELAND & AUSTIN, Texas – (FILO D & # 39; BUSINESS) – Swytch,
a clean energy platform based on blockchain and Brilliency Incorporated
announced today that Brilliency & # 39; s Wallet, a module of his
The upcoming mobile app will include the Swytch token as its own
first alternative form of currency.

Swytch assigns tokens to people, businesses and other organizations
make a significant and measurable difference in reducing emissions
that endangers our planet. Using a system based on the reward it recognizes
the efforts of all those who embrace and support the sustainability of
actions they adopt, Swytch changes the game in favor of renewables.
Although improved renewable technology is very important, the real key
creating a more sustainable future is changing people's behavior,
both on a macro and micro scale.

Brilliency allows consumers of electricity, gas and water
engage with their utility accounts through a unified digital platform.
The Brilliency Portfolio facilitates transactions between consumers and
their utilities and other third parties involved. The wallet holds
currencies specifically generated by behaviors and businesses related to
the use and sale of services (electrical, gas and water).

"Blockchain and tokenization can solve many of the current problems
systems and allows everyone to take a more active role in accelerating
the adoption of renewable supply and sustainability programs, "said Evan
Caron, co-founder and CEO of Swytch.

"Brilliency is working on an important solution to improve the
relationship between utilities and their customers during the supply
visibility in real time on production and consumption data and let's watch
forward to help drive innovation and collaboration in this space. "

"What Swytch is doing is great for providing verifiable data
use of renewable energy. We see a growing emphasis on sustainability
metrics that will likely be a component of the impact-based assessment
the future, "said Laura Steinbrink, CEO of Brilliency." Like the world
moves towards the recognition of opportunities around the transactive energy,
currencies based on tokens will grow in value. We think of Swytch and his
the open source platform represents the values ​​of the emerging market,
which values ​​transparency and fairness ".

About Swytch

Swytch, based in Austin, is a technology company created by an energy team
and technology experts have focused on developing blockchain solutions for
solve some of the biggest problems in the world. Facing the market
failures that have led to inadequate renewable energy adoption
sustainability activities and programs, Swytch accelerates the adoption of
renewables, mitigates the impact of climate change and encourages energy
sustainable development and behavior in the areas of greatest need. The
The Swytch platform guarantees real-time, immutable and regulatory compliance
information on green energy production, which allow businesses to create
sustainable policies and empower everyone to take a more active role
in reducing global carbon emissions. For more information, visit
or follow Swytch on Telegram,
is chirping.

About Brilliency

Brilliency provides software solutions for the utility sector.
Leveraging a unique mobile app and web platform, Brilliant
, their product allows optimal connectivity with
customers using tools and methodologies not previously applied
within this market segment, including the integration of smart devices and
gamification. The Brilliency customer engagement platform that optimizes
communications, reduce costs through operational efficiency and
customer satisfaction increases. Its mobile application connects
consumers of electrical, gas and water services between them and them

For more information, visit

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