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Brian Armstrong says that Coinbase is adding resources to our customers.

So far in its best quarter, probably Coinbase stands out. Firstly, this is completely because, in the fourth quarter of 2018, it has launched several products. The 2017 Breakout Company, the company that the Lightpeed Venture Partner Semil Shah called, recently conducted its 12-day Coinbase, where many new features have been introduced such as instant transactions through PayPal, Coinbase Earn which is a & rsquo; further modified version of Earned. .com

And fund-raising of 300 million dollars in series
The safe migration of $ 5 billion is the most noteworthy venture, which is an improvised cold storage solution. Coinbase has raised an impressive $ 300 million E series with an estimated $ 8 billion, which makes it one of the most popular startups in the cryptocurrency ecosystem. Tiger Global Management led him, with the participation of Andreessen Howoritz, Y Combinatorial continuity, and a Polychain capital and among other noteworthy people.

Coinbase Ventures
Coinbase has invested in many other startups through its Coinbase Ventures investment arm. Crypto API API Nomics, Starkware, Securitize, Abacus Protocol are some of the interesting investments of the company. Previous investments have received various compliments such as Reserve, which is a stablecoin project and an access control protocol based on the Ethereum blockchain, which is called the Unlock Protocol, along with other acquisitions such as Cipher Browser. Perhaps this is one of the most interesting developments of Coinbase has been the launch of the collateralized stivecoin "USDC. & # 39; This stationary currency of the USD represents a US dollar, and this does not go forward or falls, thus providing an easy and safe way for traders and other investors during volatility. Since the launch of the USDC in addition to the club, the stablecoin has already reached a milestone of $ 250 million, which was published in a few months. In reality, this is a remarkable record in the cryptocurrency market. The stablecoin, now has the support of the main names of the exchange of cryptocurrencies like Binance, Bitfinex, Poloniex, Kucoin, Korbit and other companies. Given the number of trade in support of USC, it will not come as a surprise if USDC will be in first place among other stablecoins, which have already been a hot topic throughout the year 2018. Some of the minor features introduced include a "watchlist" feature, a partnership with WeGift that allows this Coinbase customer in the United States of America to redeem their cryptocurrencies for gift cards at top retailers. This Coinbase has also introduced various new cryptocurrency resources within the Coinbase product offerings such as BAT, CVC, DAI, DNT, GNT, LOOM, MANA, MKR, ZIL, ZRX.

With its mission to create a global financial system, Coinbase has also extended its support to six other European countries such as Andorra, Gibraltar, Guernsey, Iceland, the Isle of Man and Lithuania. Although Coinbase Pro and Prime are not yet available to users in these European countries, they can still buy and sell cryptocurrency from the coinbase.com site, browsing the iOS and Android apps. This significant progress represents that the Coinbase data is already active and supports in 33 countries, globally.

Coinbase has now also obtained an authentic license under the New York State Banking Law, which allows Coinbase to operate as a qualified depositary for its users. This paves the way for Coinbase to enable the creation of complex central cryptocurrency services in the near future, such as a reliable bet solution for hedge funds holding a significant amount of Ethereum. Furthermore, Coinbase recorded significant growth in the year 2018, with some impressive implementations in the last four months of the year. The recent fundraising together with the increase in the workforce provides the human and financial capital necessary to move forward.

Mr Coinbase, Chief Executive Officer, Brian Armstrong has sent an official letter to his Coinbase employees stating that "the goal of Coinbase is to maintain the confidence that our customers expect by adding the resources that our In this quarter, we have added more resources than our previous history as a company and we have expanded our services to more people in different countries. "The letter continues," I continue to be so impressed by the ability of this team to run on aggressive deadlines, solving all the problems that have never been solved before.This was a year of scaling of Coinbase to meet market demand and efficient execution to serve our customers. "

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