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Brexit rekindles the terror of IRA

The worst fears seem to come true: Brexit endangers peace in Northern Ireland, which is believed to be safe. After the explosion of a car bomb, reports of further attempts to attack increase.

Four men arrested after a car bomb explosion in Londonderry, Northern Ireland, were released. But a 50-year-old suspect remains in custody, he informed the Northern Ireland PSNI police late Monday night through Twitter. The five men were arrested on charges of belonging to the New IRA militant group.

The bomb exploded Saturday night in the center of Londonderry in front of a court. No one was hurt – probably because 15 minutes before the explosion, a warning was received from the authorities and the surrounding buildings were evacuated. The shots showed how dangerous the situation was: a few minutes before the attack, a group of people passed the vehicle. On Monday, the robbery of two cars by armed and masked men alerted the police. One of the cars was blown up as a precaution. According to witnesses, three masked men had kidnapped a van and thrown it into an object before leaving the vehicle. Later in the afternoon, the police detonated the vehicle in a controlled manner.

Roadblocks continue

The journalist Leona O & # 39; Neill of the Belfast Telegraph had already published a video in the early afternoon showing a disengaging robot rolling down a stretch of road near the abandoned vehicle.

"We expect a significant disruption of the local community as we work to protect the area," police said. Subsequently, a second security notice was followed due to a report on another stolen vehicle. According to four masked men another van was appropriate. One of the men was armed, it was said. In the evening, the journalist tweeted O & Neill, the closures continued to continue.

The developments of the last days in Northern Ireland recall the dark periods in which the IRA spent decades in the guerrilla war against the British state and the Protestant paramilitaries. After the explosion of the first car bomb in the northern Irish city of Londonderry, five men were arrested, who must belong to the "New IRA" militant group. Last Sunday, four men had an age between 20 and 42 years. On Monday, police reported the arrest of a 50-year-old. In Northern Ireland, various groups are at the height.

Attack with a car bomb in Londonderry: the image of a security camera shows the explosion of the weekend - now other minibuses have been seized. (Source: dpa / Psni / Press Association Images)Attack with a car bomb in Londonderry: the image of a security camera shows the explosion of the weekend – now other minibuses have been seized. (Source: Psni / Press Association Images / dpa)

According to Michael Doherty, the planned UK withdrawal from the UK could trigger such incidents. Media for decades in conflicts between Protestants and Catholics. He is also in contact with the paramilitaries in Londonderry and has already been honored for his work. "The Brexit will undoubtedly be seen as an excuse for the Republicans to forcibly expel the British state from the Irish island," Doherty said.

Border checks are the central problem

A major problem could be the possible introduction of border controls between the members of the EU Ireland and Northern Ireland after Brexit. Northern Ireland, Irish Catholic nationalists and loyal Protestants have been fighting since the 1960s. 3,500 people died The Northern Ireland conflict ended in 1998 with Good Friday agreement, which included a border without controls on the neighbor.

British Prime Minister Theresa May also quickly assured that she did not want to undermine the Northern Ireland peace deal in the Brexit dispute. On Monday, speaking to the House, he said: "This Assembly, together with the people of Northern Ireland, is convinced that it will never return to the violence and terror of the past".

Conflict interests at the borders

The agreement should not be unraveled during the Brexit negotiations, assured May – but at the same time they want to renegotiate with the EU, which can not support an Irish-Irish border without controls, if there will be no controls simultaneous between Northern Ireland and the British mainland. Northern Ireland loyalists, on the other hand, do not want to support a hard border between Northern Ireland and the British mainland – in which case they would see the unity of the kingdom in danger.

Saturday night, an explosion had taken place in front of a court in the center of the second largest city in Northern Ireland. No one was hurt. Police suspect a group of dissidents from the former IRA clandestine militant organization behind the assassination in central Londonderry. The "New IRA" has made sporadic attacks in recent years. The nationalists reject the 1998 peace agreement, which largely traced the line in three violent decades.

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