Breitling luxury watchmaker collaborates to offer digital certificates on Ethereum


Breitling luxury watchmaker is working with Arianee to issue a new type of digital certificate for authenticating its watches.

According to a report from TechCrunch, Breitling is looking to ditch physical certificates, giving customers access to a unique “digital passport” that certifies the origin of the watch.

The report says blockchain protocol builder Arianee will use non-fungible tokens (NFTs) operating on the Ethereum network to issue digital certificates.

Breitling watches will be sold with a warranty card to allow customers to scan and download the Arianee wallet. Customers can then add their watch to the digital wallet, which will display the serial number and activation date of the digital warranty.

The report states that the new functionality can be used to prove the authenticity of the watch during sales. Additionally, the digital certificate is transferable to other owners who download the wallet.

Breitling also intends to add to the digital certificate over time, for example by recording timestamps for repairs and other alterations. The luxury watchmaker can also pursue adding insurance products through a similar channel.

According to the report, the digital certificate will be tied to the wallet address rather than personally identifiable information, thereby increasing user privacy.

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