Brazil. The young man films the moment he is the victim of sexual harassment on a bus


A 21-year-old girl was caught when she was the victim of sexual harassment on a bus in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

The woman was on her way to work this Wednesday morning when it all happened. According to a police report, cited by the G1 website, Ingrid Calomino sat in the penultimate row of seats on the bus at her entrance. Behind was an elderly man and there were other people in the carriage. At one point during the journey, the woman felt a hand in her hair and, a few minutes later, on her back.

“He put his hand on the side of my body, but he came forward and started touching my breasts. I was very nervous, I took my cell phone and started recording,” she said.

In the images Ingrid captured it is possible to see the man, behind her, caressing her. When he realizes he is being filmed, the man takes a step back and walks away.

After what happened, Ingrid says she got up and started arguing with the stranger.

“I didn’t feel like anything. How does a person I don’t even know touch me like that? I was insecure and nervous. It was terrifying,” she said. “There were more people on the bus, but no one supported me. I said he was a harasser, that he had recorded it. He started saying he was just holding his hand. But he touched my breasts,” she said. added.

The woman got off the bus and went to work very impressed, after which she was helped.

The case was registered by the authorities as sexual harassment and is under investigation.

On social media, the images were widely shared, with many used to express their indignation.


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