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TRON (TRX) has recently seen a significant increase in value, after a whole series of positive news regarding the progress of the currency that was published by its founder, Justin Sun. [19659003] TRON (TRX) has always been known as the currency with one of the strongest communities in the cryptic world. This time, the community really arrived, once again led by the founder of the TRX. In a recent series of tweets that list all the positive aspects that have happened to the TRON project in recent weeks, Justin Sun seems to have inspired another wave of prices that saw the TRON rise by at least 11%.

TRON has done a lot in a very short time, which is an impressive undertaking alone. It is even more impressive if we consider how much this year has been bad for the cryptic world, with more than half a year of bear market. So, what positives did Sun mention? What happened to inspire such a great increase in value just by reminding the community about it? Let's have a look.

TRON salt on KuCoin

KuCoin is a fairly large stock exchange, which currently holds 53rd place in the daily trading volume trading list. About $ 17 million of different coins go through KuCoin every day, which will mean a lot to TRX, especially because it is paired with both Bitcoin and Ethereum. TRON is officially live since August 28, a few days before the launch of TRON Virtual Machine.

Another great burning of token

Recently, TRON has also registered another large token burn, with about $ 670 million of remaining ERC-20 token burnt. Even this is not the first time that money has done this, but it is, in fact, the fourth event in its history.

The launch of TronChat

TronChat was something that TRON of the community has been waiting for a while now. It is imagined to be a competition for more other social media apps, including YouTube, Instagram and even Facebook itself. The best thing is that it will allow users to earn TRX coins, as well as being a great new social network.

His creation was inspired by the flaws and errors that many other social networks suffer from. Facebook, for example, has been criticized for the poor protection of user privacy, which has caused the loss of trust by many consumers in this and similar platforms.

TronChat aims to solve this problem and provide users with a new and improved network, which will also be completely reliable.

Launch of the TRON Virtual Machine

Let's not forget the launch of TVM, which was eagerly awaited by the entire community for months. TVM has been told to make TRON one of the biggest names in developing dApps, which will surely be a big problem for Ethereum. Ethereum has virtually started up the ICOs on its own thanks to its dApp development platform. For a long time he was the first player in this field, without any other project approaching. Now, thanks to TVM, TRON will get uncomfortable, and maybe even completely overcome it.

All in all, TRON has made many advances in many directions. For this, it is a small surprise that accumulating all these results has inspired a new wave of prices.

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