Boris Johnson isolated after contact with infected


British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is isolated after being in contact with a person infected with the novel coronavirus. “He will continue to work from Downing Street, including spearheading the government’s response to the pandemic. [Boris Johnson] it’s okay and has no symptoms of covid-19, “a Downing Street statement read.

Johnson met with a small group of lawmakers for about half an hour Thursday, including one who subsequently developed symptoms of the disease and tested positive.

The prime minister was briefed this Sunday by the NHS analysis and monitoring system, which told him he should be isolated due to factors including the length of the meeting.

The cabinet said it will discuss with parliamentary officials how Johnson can remotely participate in parliamentary work. “[O primeiro-ministro planeia] continue to speak to the country during its period of self-isolation, “the document reads.

The statement did not disclose how long Johnson intends to be isolated, but advice from the British health authorities is that anyone contacted by the system should be quarantined for 14 days.

In April, Boris Johnson was admitted to an intensive care unit after contracting the novel coronavirus. After being discharged, he thanked health workers, including a Portuguese nurse from the Aveiro area, for saving his life and said that, for 48 hours, his hospitalization “could have been for both sides”.


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