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Bonner & Partner Amazon Coin and Crypto IRA Secrets?


In 1978, Bill Bonner created what we now know as The Agora. The business started as a small publishing house and became one of the largest and most successful newsletter publishers in the world. Bonner & Partners, founded in 2009, is Bill's personal research division.

Every day, Bill and his global team of selected experts gather the traditional double conversation to show you how the corporate and financial worlds really work … where average investors make big mistakes … and how to protect yourself and your money.

It's the kind of wisdom you will not find anywhere else. That's why Bill's essays are "required to read" throughout our organization. Several years ago, the publishing magnate Porter Stansberry put it better:

"Bill's approach still forms the basis for how I look at every transaction, every business, every investment, every relationship, every opportunity and every big decision in my personal and professional life."

Bill is not the only strong voice of Bonner & Partners. Today he is flanked by the convinced libertarian Dan Denning, the valued expert investor Chris Mayer and the tech veteran Jeff Brown. Now, with the boom in cryptocurrencies, they have shown interest in educating people about the recent trend.

The Near Future Report by Bonner & Partner: Jeff Brown

In the introductory video for the product, Jeff Brown states that Amazon will launch its own cryptocurrency. It continues for a long time to explain the reasons why it was predicted. This, if true, will have a profound effect on the cryptographic ecosystem and will mark the main voice.

Brown says that it is not necessary to know what will happen to miles of road to become rich in technology titles. You just need to know what's coming right behind the corner. That's why he calls the relationship

"The Near Future Report".

Brown states that there are untold opportunities to follow along with his guidelines presented both in his monthly newsletter and in his special cryptocurrency reports. In fact, it does everything to demonstrate the opportunity for growth by investing in technology and cryptocurrency, relying on a dizzying number of newspaper clippings and impressive graphic diagrams that move the arrows dramatically from left to right.

The biggest opportunity, though, is a secret. He refers to the secret several times in his promotional copy without actually spilling the beans – at least not to non-paying customers.

What do you get with the subscription?

  • 12 monthly The Near Future Report letters with all back issues included: 12 monthly numbers, each with new recommendations on how to get the maximum profit from the technology market; full access to the back issues of The Near Future Report; full access to the portfolio of the The Near Future Report model; e-mail alerts reserved exclusively for users with purchase and sale recommendations, loss stops and repurchase prices.
  • Bonus n. 1: special relationship Amazon Currency: two ways to profit from the next blockchain revolution: when Amazon he makes his coin announcement, the two titles in this report will lead the new wave of crypto mania. This is not something that will come in the next 10 or 20 years. It's happening right here and now. Blockchain stocks are your biggest profit opportunity since the Internet boom and you must have them in your wallet.
  • Bonus n. 2: special report Secrets of The Cryptocurrency IRA: Cryptocurrencies are still one of the fastest ways to huge gains. However, until now, the only way to capture these kinds of profits was to buy each currency individually. For regular investors who are not cryptographers, this can be difficult and dangerous. In this report, you will discover a new and exciting way to quickly get money from the scrambled without the risk and annoyance that comes with it. It's the best of both worlds: it's a regular, tax-deferred IRA account with the special profit potential of the criptos. In this special relationship, you will learn everything you need to know to eliminate your tax-free fortune with cryptocurrencies.
  • Bonus n. 3: special ratio The Perfect Crypto portfolio to multiply pension funds by more than 1,000%: it is essential to understand how to divide the IRA allocation of cryptocurrency to adequately attract the largest profits in 2018 and beyond. Jeff has put together a winning combination of three eligible scrambles and what percentage you should own of each. He will cut the right percentage and explain why. And it will give you some special tips on opening your IRA cryptocurrency.
  • Bonus n. 4: special report Ten cryptocurrencies to be avoided like the plague: while there are some fantastic blockchain projects and ICOs presenting incredible investment opportunities, the vast majority are dreadful projects and even worse investments. If you are seriously considering being involved with cryptocurrencies and blockchain, you must be very careful because there is a real risk. Jeff has researched all the cryptic companies currently on the market and has prepared a plan to avoid scams. He identified 10 cryptocurrencies that it is absolutely necessary to avoid, all revealed in this special relationship.


An average investor John J wrote:

"Thank you, I just bought The Near Future Report, I spent Sunday getting a lifetime of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, and it was probably worth spending the money on myself. money well spent. "

Another crypto-investor Stanley P wrote:

"Your passion and knowledge of the technology industry are quite obvious from your research, I really like reading and learning from you on this sector and your recommendations."


At first glance about Jeff's product, it looks like a scam. His claims on Amazon Coin are far-fetched at best. Its price of $ 79 seems profitable but only the product seems disappointing. If this super-secretive investment information was so lucrative, Brown would not share it with anyone – he would invest a lot of himself and keep him low so he would not have to share that success.

If you're not interested, you can always cancel within 60 days and get your money back. But if you do not cancel within that time, be sure to disable automatic renewal if you do not want an unpleasant surprise in 24 months. Although, the credibility of the reimbursement has not been verified.

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