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Bomb attack of the US-YPG convoy

According to the AFP news agency, in the Syrian city of Haseke, the Syrian branch of the PKK YPG and a joint military convoy of the United States have organized a suicide attack. Five people died in the attack.

Agency Anadolu, the attack killed five YPG & # 39; ının, wounded an American soldier said.

The Syrian human rights observer based in London also reported that two US soldiers were injured in attacking a checkpoint.

The decision by US President Trump to withdraw from Syria after consecutive attacks has attracted attention. Previously, the men had died in attack on Menbic. Trump's decision to withdraw from Syria was counterproductive and resigned in the United States. Previously, ISIL detected the attack on Menbic.

US President Donald Trump said in his latest statement that there are very few members of ISIS in Syria and said: "We are killing ISIS for Russia, Iran, Syria, Iraq and other countries.

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