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Blood Moon, total eclipse and supermoon will be seen this Sunday news

Between the night of Sunday and the first morning of Monday, the first lunar eclipse of 2019 total, which will coincide with a superluna is Blood Moon.

the phenomenon it will be astronomical visible from everyone America, Western Europe and Africa.

It is expected that the eclipse, in combination with the Blood Moon, lasts longer than an hour, according to information published by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA).

the superluna of blood, occurs during a lunar eclipse total in which the Moon and the Sun align, so that the atmosphere of the Earth filters the blue and green light of the sun's rays, but will let the red one pass.

the eclipse It will happen when the Moon is closer to our planet (Perigee). In this way, the Earth's natural satellite will appear larger than usual and also a little brighter.

The lunar eclipse will begin with the partial phase around 03.34 GMT. It is then that the shadow of the Earth begins to enchant on its natural satellite. The total eclipse will last approximately 62 minutes, starting at 04.41 GMT.

In America the supermoon will be at 10:23 pm (local time) on the east coast of the United States (USA) and will extend until 02:43 (local time) on Monday. Moreover, it will be visible in American countries like Venezuela, Chile, among others ..

This will be the only total lunar eclipse of 2019 and 2020, the next will take place in May 2021.

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