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Blockgeeks helps drive Blockchain industry standards by adhering to the Smart Contract Security Alliance

SAN FRANCISCO, December 12, 2018 / PRNewswire / – Blockgeeks recently joined the Smart Contract Security Alliance, a collaboration of industry leaders recommending safety standards and blockchain industry guidelines to drive healthy growth and the adoption of blockchain applications. Blockgeeks is a platform focused on technology, education and knowledge sharing that facilitates the development of the blockchain ecosystem.

"Blockgeeks has earned an excellent reputation in the blockchain community to provide high quality educational resources to the ecosystem," he says. Quantstamp CEO and Smart Contract Security Alliance Co-founder Richard Ma. "Their commitment to educating the public is closely aligned with the objectives of the Smart Contract Security Alliance".

While corporate companies are generally interested in blockchain applications, the lack of security standards has led many potential adopters to wait at the margins. Blockchain applications, like smart contracts, offer a lot of potential for companies in many industries because they can create efficiencies and solve problems that other technologies can not solve. It is crucial to address the security challenges that hinder the broader adoption of blockchains.

Smart Contract Security Alliance, founded by Quantstamp and Modular Inc., works with industry leaders to develop accepted standards for creating and assessing the security of smart contracts and blockchain applications. Through the development of these standards, the Smart Contract Security Alliance aims to bring professionalism in the blockchain sector and facilitate generalized adoption. Other members of the alliance include Quantstamp, Modular Inc, The National University of Singapore Crystal Center School of Computing, NRI Secure and Layer X.

"The future of blockchain and its mass adoption depend on community collaborations such as the Smart Contract Security Alliance," says Blockgeeks CEO Ameer Rosic. "It is essential that safety standards are established and supported in order to progress".

In addition to developing high quality educational and training resources, Blockgeeks has also demonstrated its commitment to safety by creating Bountyone, a decentralized auditing platform. Blockgeeks will use the knowledge acquired through Bountyone to support Smart Contract Security Alliance in the standardization of the intelligent contract security control process.

As pioneers of security and blockchain education, Blockgeeks and Smart Contract Security Alliance share a common mission: to further cultivate a healthy blockchain ecosystem and expand the accessibility of knowledge. Security companies interested in advancing blockchain technology standards are encouraged to join the Smart Contract Security Alliance and have a voice in the future of blockchain security.

Find out more at SmartContractSecurityAlliance.com or talk to us directly hello@smartcontractsecurityalliance.com

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