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There is no shortage of skepticism and total confusion about the business implications of the blockchain. At the same time, the demand and recruitment of people with blockchain development or implementation skills are becoming gangbusters, growing at a faster pace than other job categories.


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This is the word from LinkedIn analysts, who recently published the list of the fastest growing jobs in the last five years. Along with the blockchain skills, even artificial intelligence (AI) guides the current list.

Blockchain (or all forms of distributed ledger technology) and artificial intelligence can bring unprecedented efficiencies to almost every conceivable business process. However, companies that employ new and brilliant technologies can not just be super efficient: they must be forward-looking. They need to understand and execute innovative ways to put the customer first in everything they do.

Therefore, the growing demand for blockchain and artificial intelligence skills is not strictly technical, emphasizes Guy Berger, LinkedIn chief economist. There is so much demand for human skills that can put blockchain and artificial intelligence to work productively. "The basic business functions are increasing," he notes. "Artificial intelligence may be on the rise, but it can not replace the power of human beings: basic operational functions such as the administrative assistant, the insurance staff and the sales development representative they also reached positions on the list of emerging jobs ".

These requirements include cross-cutting skills such as oral communication, leadership and time management – making up almost half of the current list of LinkedIn skills with the biggest skills gaps.

Here are LinkedIn's fastest growing jobs and the skills that go with them:

  • Blockchain Developer (33 times growth since 2014): Solidity, blockchain, Ethereum, Cryptocurrency, Node.js
  • Machine learning engineer (12x growth): Deep learning, machine learning, Tensorflow, Apache Spark, natural language processing
  • Responsible for sales of applications (8x): Software as a service, cloud applications, human capital management, corporate resource planning, solution sales
  • Machine learning specialist (6x): automatic learning, in-depth learning, Tensorflow, Python, AI
  • Professional medical representative (6x): pharmaceutical sales, sales effectiveness, product launches, medical devices, gastroenterology
  • Relationship consultant (Growth of 5.5X): banks, retail banking, loans, consumer credit, credit
  • Data Science specialist (Growth 5 times): Machine learning, data science, Python, R, Apache Spark
  • Assurance Staff (Growth 5 times): main skills: auditing, accounting, financial reporting, internal controls
  • Representative for commercial development (4X growth) Salesforce, cold calling, Software-as-a-Service, lead generation, sales prospecting
  • Business support consultant (Growth 4X): risk management, credit, bank, business analysis, business process
  • Consultant for solar energy (4X growth): solar energy, renewable energy, sales, business development, marketing
  • Administrative assistant (4 times higher growth): receptionist functions, administrative assistant, data entry, office administration, Microsoft Office
  • Background investigator (4X Growth): Investigations, background checks, private investigations, law enforcement, criminal justice
  • Machine Learning Researcher (4X Growth): Deep learning, machine learning, Tensorflow, Python, algorithms
  • Responsible for data science (4X Growth): data science, machine learning, Apache Spark, Python, R

Some examples of job openings in blockchain and AI, selected by job ads online:

Senior Engineer-Blockchain (financial services company): "Design and build the corporate blockchain platform with the goal of optimizing resources and transforming the exchange of values, designing and building integration components and interfaces".

Python Engineer for Blockchain Platform (gaming startup). "The company platform is built on a decentralized blockchain platform: the best candidate will have strong communication skills and the ability to learn new skills: Python, Flask or Django, REST, microservices, SQL / PostgreSQL, unit tests, Docker or Kubernetes, AWS, Scala. "

Blockchain Developer: "Responsible for the design, implementation and support of a blockchain-based distributed network Analyze requirements, design blockchain technology around a given business model, and build and launch a blockchain network. Features include search , design, develop and test blockchain technologies, brainstorm and help evaluate applications for new tools and technologies, maintain and extend current client-side and server-side applications responsible for integration and business logic, being involved in the community global blockchain ".

Machine learning engineer (financial services): "Collaborate with teams of researchers, engineers and computer scientists, collaborating in the implementation of new machine learning algorithms and their applications, including the creation of sophisticated data solutions for business problems, attention to the ML and AI aspects of data engineering – an agile and functional team that deals with research, design, data science, product management and user engineering to create new product features. "

Senior Data Scientist / Engine Learning Engineer (advertising / marketing company): "Develops, implements and extends data-intensive machine-learning software for real-time auctioning, estimating advertising inventory and audience segmentation, designs and implements core components algorithms, as well as modeling and monetizing large amounts of data, implementation of data intensive machine-learning software for real-time auctions, ad inventory estimation, audience segmentation and other AdTech applications. "

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