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Blockchain this week: bitcoin sink, an $ 3 Tn opportunity and blockchain vote

Ads for blockchain developers skyrocket on job search sites

In Ohio, companies can now pay taxes with cryptocurrencies

South Korea is testing the use of blockchains in the vote

Bitcoin prices, widely regarded as the world's first blockchain, may sink, but the demand for blockchain developers is skyrocketing. With ads for blockchain developers that increase from 2000% to 6,000% on job search sites, it is certainly a good time for those who understand how to use the technology.

And the proof, as they say, is in eating. EY, one of the largest consulting firms in the world, is now looking to hire 2,000 developers with blockchain skills, artificial intelligence, analytics and big data technologies.

In a report on Livemint (link), the founders of Incrict Blockchain Tanvi Ratna and Nitin Sharma write about how technology holds the promise of a new Internet and a potential economic impact of $ 3 Tn over the next decade.

In Abu Dhabi, the government-backed Al Hilal bank executed a Sukuk (Islamic bond) transaction using blockchain technology. A Sukuk is structured in such a way as to generate returns for investors without violating Islamic law.

"At Hilal Bank, it aims to transform the Sukuk market by embracing blockchain and integrating it into its infrastructure, paving the way for innovative digitized Islamic Sukuk," the bank said in a statement according to Reuters.

While some governments have adopted a rather conservative view of virtual currencies, Ohio has become the first US state to accept bitcoins for tax payments. So, from Monday (November 26th), companies that want to take part in the program simply have to go OhioCrypto.com and register.

Meanwhile, South Korea is ready to test a blockchain system next month, in an attempt to improve the reliability and security of online voting. Reportedly, the national commission for elections (NEC) of the country announced the news is on Wednesday (28 November), saying that the pilot will start in December with the development assistance of the Ministry of Science and ICT.

For those interested in blockchain events, the creators of the International Blockchain Congress (IBC) have announced the launch of Genesis hack, claiming to be the largest blockchain hackathon program at the 10K NASSCOM Startup Warehouse in Bengaluru. "Genesis Hack 2019 will change this group by bringing together over 65k developers from all over India," said Raghu Mohan, CEO of IBC Media. The event, which kicked off on November 21, will last more than six months and will bring blockchain developers to brainstorm and create innovative technologies.

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