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Blockchain technology continues to make "Mooves" in South Korea

Many South Korea is considered one of the leaders of the blockchain revolution and cryptocurrency. Like local rivals, Japan and South Korea want to be seen as one of the most interesting places in terms of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. As a result, many of us are witnessing a blockchain revolution taking place in South Korea in the not too distant future, as a feeling for their passion for technological innovation.

This if Japan does not defeat them even if obviously!

However, this healthy rivalry is very important, it encourages a culture of collaboration and expression, which allows blockchain developers to emerge and make sure their skillset is shown as part of this blockchain revolution.

According to recent reports, the South Korean government has explored another area that promises to be shocked by blockchain technology, the food supply chain and the food control industry. In this case, the government has now decided to implement blockchain technology to maintain the "beef" supply chain.

This move promises to make beef, as a more transparent food element, which means that suppliers will be able to easily trace the origins of their product, which in turn makes the whole industry clearer and more transparent. for the customers. People who consume beef in South Korea will have a much clearer picture of how their food was handled before being stored on store shelves and markets.

Second FoodProcessing-Technology.com:

"The pilot program will be jointly launched by the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs, as well as by the Ministry of Science and ICT Initially, the program will be tested in cattle and slaughterhouses in the North Jeolla province in December and is scheduled for an official launch in January, depending on the outcome of the test project ".


"In order to avoid human intervention, the government will use Internet of Things (IoT) technology devices that will be connected to the cows to allow automatic storage of data in the blockchain via Bluetooth technology should replace the system existing paper certificates ".

With the blockchain technology implemented, the need for human interaction is reduced and an automated and much more efficient data logging system comes into play. This has major implications for food hygiene and even inventory control, not to mention the money that could even save the competent authorities in South Korea. While it might look like a bit of a benign industry for the blockchain break technology, it makes clear the point of how versatile and how important the blockchain technology is – it can literally change everything.

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