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Blockchain technology: blockchain technology will be effective in the event of a disaster following the United States Department of Defense

Blockchain technology has been effective in many areas. Emerging technology will be at the center of the next fourth industrial revolution. Many governments and private institutions are already exploiting the unlimited potential of blockchain technology. Recently, the US Department of Defense has stated that blockchain technology can be applied in the event of a disaster to make things more efficient.

Blockchain and disaster relief

Earlier this month, the United States Defense Logistics Agency's troop support division held a meeting in the CPI office. During the meeting, they discussed how blockchain technology can be used to improve its disaster relief efforts in Puerto Rico as a result of hurricane Maria. Part of the statement by Elijah Londo, an analyst at the CPI, was as follows:

"Blockchain technology has tremendous potential in the event of a disaster, talk about blockchain technology and you'll hear experts comparing them to the Internet, just as the Internet has changed communication, blockchain technology will revolutionize transactions or trust."

At present, DLA uses a centralized system to track and manage logistics, making it difficult for the parties involved to synchronize data and ensure that they are monitoring updated and accurate information. Using blockchain technology, the agency will be able to track data more accurately, thus improving the supply chain and visibility of shipments during transit. The Deputy Director of Construction and Equipment at DLA, Marko Graham, said:
"I believe blockchain technology will be a huge help in our relief efforts, it can be applied in tracking data and in fluid material specifications from producers who buy raw materials, look for transport and buy these products on barges".

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The CPI is already innovating ways to improve the services offered in the United States in collaboration with Maersk, the shipping giant and the Transportation Command. Keep in mind that Maersk is already partnering with IBM to develop a supply chain platform with blockchain technology. He continued:

"We are looking for blockchain technology, we are trying to be as smart as possible, we want to know what it is, how it can affect the industry, what the future holds for blockchain technology and how the other industries are applying it. diligence. "

There are many potential cases of use of blockchain technology and the US government has instructed the agencies to examine and explore these use cases. At the beginning of the month, the US Department of Homeland Security announced that it is looking for a way to improve its ability to minimize the use of fake documentation using blockchain technology. This year offered grants of up to $ 800,000 to blockchain startups to promote this initiative.

Last year, the US Navy innovation branch revealed that it was making plans to assess whether blockchain technology could be applied to production systems.

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