Blockchain Survival Show Blockbattle to Premiere on Asia Economy TV

  Blockchain Survival Show Blockbattle to Premiere on Asia Economy TV "title =" Blockchain Survival Show Blockbattle to Premiere on Asia Economy TV "/> </div>
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<p><b>  Asia Economy TV plans to broadcast a new television show on the blockchain called "Blockbattle – Who & # 39; s the Next Satoshi" on October 19, featuring a variety of crypto development teams from around the world. Blockbattle will broadcast five episodes that will allow viewers to vote in real time to choose the winner of this competition for the construction of distributed ledgers. </b></p>
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<h2 style= Blockchain Survival Show Called & # 39; Blockbattle plans for Asia on TV for Asia

There has been a lot of innovation since the creation of Bitcoin and the various blockchain projects around the world. People who use peer-to-peer cryptocurrencies without the need of third parties, individuals and groups use smart contracts and some blockchains have the ability to issue representative tokens. Now, according to Asia Economy TV CEO Hyun-Woo Kim, on October 19th, a blockchain channel called Blockbattle will be broadcast on the channel. Blockbattle – Who & # 39; s the Next Satoshi will be a television program that focuses on bringing a group of blockchain development teams from around the world so that judges and viewers can find the next Satoshi Nakamoto. Developers who want to participate must register at the official website by 5 September

  Blockchain Survival Show Blockbattle to Premiere on Asia Economy TV

Preliminary judges of the show will be composed of members from Korea University, from Dongguk University, the Korean Blockchain Industry Association, the Open Blockchain Association and the Korea Blockchain Association. The judges will include Damian Williams of alchemist companies, Rayol Hwang of Hillstone Partners, Roger Ver of, Lee Shin-Hye of GBIC and other well-known figures in the industry.

"After the screening, ten projects will qualify for the finals and will go through a series of presentations, one-on-one battles and other team competitions," explains Blockbattle.

The ten teams will be tutored by national and international experts in technology, economics, law, marketing and finance.

Blockchain and Cryptomonus have focused television on ratings

There have been many blockchain and television cryptocurrencies broadcasts have emerged in the last two years, including the recently announced CNBC documentary called " Bitcoin: Boom or Bust [19659016] "which will air this Monday. In Japan, a show called "Bitgirls" was presented on Tokyo MX TV which used cryptocurrencies for voting. The "Startup" show by Sony Pictures Television has just been approved for the third season and last May an encrypted Youtuber revealed the launch of its digital currency program that will be broadcast on Roku, CW and CBS.

  Blockchain Survival Show Blockbattle to Premiere on Asia Economy TV

The first episode of Blockbattle will air on Asia Economy TV in Korea, China, Australia, Thailand, Malaysia, Taiwan, Singapore, Vietnam and Hong Kong. In addition, the survival show blockchain will be streamed from the Youtube channel & # 39; Coincast & # 39 ;. Blockbattle producers report that viewers will be able to "vote in real time for their favorite project". In addition, the development teams will receive various benefits and the leadership of the blockchain industry leaders.

"The votes will be reflected during the final episode, set for November 19 th ," explains the producers of Blockbattle. "The final episode will be broadcast live, and the winner will be announced based on the voting results."

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