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Blockchain Social Music Service Project?

Discover SOMESING, a social music service based on blockchain technology. Users can sing for free, get rewards and become lovers of SOMES.

The platform adds new songs every day, through a professional studio-level recording system that creates a musical social network appreciated by a global audience. Users have the opportunity to share their music with people from all over the world, with a personal study in their hands.

The alleged SOMESING starts in about 30 days from this writing.

SOMESING ecosystem

All participants voluntarily join the SOMESING ecosystem to use and participate in the realization of profits while the ecosystem grows based on the growth of activities, which creates the overall virtuous cycle in the ecosystem.

The somesing team believes that music is an integral part of people's lives in every culture and society in the world. The creative work of composing music is an instrument and a way in which people express value and thought. The collection of individual creativity in music makes the world full of beauty and diversity.

somesing is a platform for SingLovers where anyone has the right to enjoy the music he likes. The platform rewards the improvement or recreation and remix of new or existing music. This is possible thanks to the blockchain technology, in which all those who love the creative activities of music receive prizes and profits for the piece of music they have created.

Through these awards, creative work grows exponentially, providing SingLovers inspiration on a peer-to-peer basis.

SOMESING aims to empower each participant to become an active music creator. The fair system of reward and profit sharing motivates creators to support their creativity within the SOMESING ecosystem and its workflow, leading to the productive world of music.

Problems and solutions

SOMESING is committed to addressing the major challenges facing the current music industry. In the current system, SingLovers pays everything. The current Karaoke application product system provides music coverage and pays its administrative, marketing and platform management expenses using the profits obtained from its SingLovers user rate.

On the SOMESING platform, SingLovers will not pay anything. All SingLovers from all over the world will have free access to over 400 thousand covers of Karaoke music including K-Pop and other different genres at any time.

Secondly, in the current system, SingLovers does not receive anything. SingLovers users are content creators because they compose their own piece of music, which is in great demand. However, the creators do not derive any benefit from their work, as they have not been able to get any profit from their creative work.

On the SOMESING platform, things will be different. The ecosystem is designed in such a way that users will receive a fair share of the profit. This is based on the platform's effort to design promotions and events. Furthermore, participation in profits a somesing is automated and profitability calculated based on SingLovers contributions without any systematic interruption or manual modification.


  • Easy to play: users can easily publish song content and enjoy it
  • User Vitalization: apply game elements in service and design so that non-token holders can also receive tokens based on their contribution to the ecosystem.
  • Reference marketing: it is viral thanks to the invitation function of a friend
  • Global start-up: the global app will start in March 2019

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