Blockchain revelations to be expected at CES 2019


Every year, Las Vegas hosts the CES event of the Consumer Technology Association, which is the largest technology fair in the world. There are almost 3 million square feet of exhibition space to be used by over 180,000 technology professionals to learn about all the latest trends in consumer technology space.

Here are just a few things we can expect to see from this CES event this year in Las Vegas, relating specifically to cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

Cripto curiosity

One of the biggest rejections against the acceptance of cryptocurrency as payment is the volatile price. However, they are not necessarily against blockchain technology. The CES event of this year had a series of information sessions throughout the week to drill crypto for traders. During "The great cryptic debate" MakerDAO president Steven Becker and Brock Pierce of the Bitcoin Foundation joined a round table on the vitality of digital money as technology and money.

As stated by Crypto Briefing, "Pundi X (NPXS) hit CES in style, showing its new blockchain-based phone at CES Unveiled." Function X "call, the phone runs on Android 7.0 and the company plans to release 5000 phones to demonstrate the concept before to license their technology to other manufacturers. "

Hardware wallets

Throughout the ETUC, emerging technologies have been highlighted, including Trezor and Ledger, who have shown their offers, both being available at major retailers, which is an important reason for the expansion of their activities in the 2019 market.

With the introduction of Nano X by Ledger it was a huge step forward compared to the Nano S (selling over 1.5 million units by the end of 2018). Nano X is capable of holding up to 100 cryptographic resources that is six times more than the previous version.

Mobile acquisition

The complicated but powerful technology that is blockchain is the future of IoT space that CES has made very clear. With IBM's Jason Kelley and Louy Keely of EY who are only two participants talking to Teena Maddox (CBS) regarding countries around the world, slowly but surely involved in the blockchain, things seem to be growing for this technology.

"From smart cities to supply chains and operations, blockchain technology is working with IoT to create a mobile-first world: autonomous cars, flying drones, home entertainment, robots and voice-activated assistants, smart homes and more It's clearer than ever that we'll be connected to technology wherever we go. "

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