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Blockchain Project for non-profit Fundraising with sustainable development goals


Givv is a blockchain-based business that focuses on creating a decentralized and unique cloud computing network, with all revenue generated for the progress of sustainable development goals (SDGs). Givv creates a new model that will enable non-profit organizations to access large-scale fundraisers, allowing individuals and companies to contribute to the causes that concern them at no cost. The platform embraces the use of blockchain technology and the easy-to-use app to provide users with a direct and scalable way to finance initiatives that change the world.

How Givv works

Givv it comes with an open, accessible and reliable technology framework that facilitates the integration of millions of nodes. This makes it a platform of choice for many cloud computing customers. When it comes to hosting, the platform uses a peer-to-peer network to distribute its hosting capacity among many individual computers.

With the intention of assembling the largest cloud computing network in the world, Givv seeks to use its immense processing power to solve complex tasks on behalf of business buyers. The platform uses blockchain technology to provide a robust distributed computing infrastructure, using the inactive computing capacity of individual computers in the network to feed the activity calculation.

The platform is an improvement of the server farms used today for web hosting, with a wide range of scientific simulations, computer-generated 3D images and artificial intelligence. In contrast, server farms consume too much energy while cloud computing offers a much greener alternative. The combination of unused computing capacity of millions of PCs will enable users to create a platform for blockchain and DApp hosting that is reliable, environmentally friendly and socially responsible.

Participants in the Givv platform

Individuals and business partners

Each participant earns a small amount of money every day from the processing power of inactive computers. Both individuals and business partners can generate large amounts to make a significant difference to the causes of the real world. Individual participants will have a way to contribute to the causes they worry about without a penny from their pockets. For business participants, the platform offers a free way to expand matching programs and staff retention efforts, as well as increasing the scope of existing corporate social responsibility programs.

Nonprofit organization

Charitable organizations and organizations motivate their followers to participate in Givv and appreciate the fruit of their support. Once joined, each follower or Givver can generate micro-gains on a daily basis to support their favorite causes. Earnings can accumulate very quickly to become a source of recurring large-scale boulevards.

Companies that purchase cloud computing services

Companies can buy computing power to perform a variety of computational tasks using Givv's distributed cloud computing network. The Givv platform includes global best practices for software and cloud computing services. This ultimately provides a flexible, scalable, secure and stable computing power at competitive prices compared to universal cloud computing providers.


The main priority of the Givv platform is to protect the user of data and the transparency of their controlled security systems. Givv works with a minimal hardware footprint, which limits the pressure on your computer. Givv motivates participants to contribute with their computers as nodes that participate in distributed computing activities, while addressing their security and privacy concerns. Givv achieves this through its safe, sandboxed container for DApps.

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