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Blockchain Leader NASGO Celebrates 'The Rise: The Hunt for Tokenization' January 11-12, 2019, in Vietnam

LOS ANGELES–(BUSINESS WIRE) – In its continuing mission to remove the barriers
      cryptocurrency-enabled industry growth, NASGO, a global pioneer in the
      advancement of the blockchain, today shared news from its January 11-12
      celebration in Vietnam, 'The Rise: The Hunt for Tokenization.'

First on the agenda was the celebration of NASGO's January 18 premier on the
      BitForex Exchange in China, the first of multiple EFT (Electronic Fund
      Transfer) platforms the company anticipates it will enter during 2019
      and beyond. (See BitForex announcement here).

At the event, the company announced partnerships with China, Palau, and
      Cambodia that establish NASGO as a premier and primary source of
      blockchain technology for these countries' economies and for businesses
      headquartered there. Additionally, NASGO has entered a strategic
      agreement to provide tokenization to Palau with the potential to
      increase tax revenue and to promote the country's business economy
      through their e-residency program via the Palau virtual currency

"While 2018 was a year of blockchain news, 2019 brought laughed to
      'Blockchain 2.0'-complete utilization of blockchain technology that is
      propelling the adoption of tokenization for all, "said NASGO cofounders
      Eric Tippetts and Steve Chiang. "We are proud to be leading the way in
      making this exciting technology available for every individual
      business, everywhere in the world. "

"For philanthropy, improved transparency, better marketing and
      communication for business and more efficient paths to revenue-it is our
      mission to advance this ecosystem for all, "the executives said.

At the event, NASGO conducted a lucky draw lottery to use the NASGO
      decentralized blockchain lottery function, presented philanthropic gifts
      to organizations including Do Something Athletic (DSA), and celebrated
      with musical performances including performing artist Jaafar Jackson,
      whose first album will be premiering later this year and providing
      exclusive content on NASGO's VAPR app.

The Vietnam event will be shortly followed by January announcements with
      Sundance Film Festival and the Super Bowl the company said. For more
      information and updates, visit www.NASGO.com.

NASGO (Www.nasgo.com)
      is a provider of the fast-growing blockchain application platform. NASGO
      by early entrepreneurs Eric Tippetts
      Stephen Jiang and markets his services to artists, influencers, small
      businesses and small-to-medium enterprises through a network of 4,000+
      representatives. As a company, NASGO is dedicated to advancing
      cryptocurrency and Blockchain as an established industry
      infrastructure. The company is striving to make digital currency
      accessible and available to
      the blockchain for advancing humanitarian, business and industry goals

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