Blockchain is used to track down Chinese inmates in Zhongshan

  Blockchain is used to track down Chinese convicts for words in Zhongshan

Zhongshan, a Chinese city, started using blockchain in an interesting and innovative way – to track convicts on probation . The city's justice department has launched a blockchain-based system to monitor parole movements so that the city can better manage community correction.

the city has adopted technology and is a great way to ensure that they are able to properly monitor the words after checking in with the center. The blockchain system allows the center to keep track of word movements throughout the day. The system also updates the information in a distributed way so that the staff of the corrections and the order forces that have access to the network can also control where they are.

the justice department also said that the technology will reduce the load of labor usually needed to follow the words and to determine that they are following down and respecting the requirements of the community service.

CoinDesk also recently reported a similar event in Hangzhou, another city in China which adopted the technology for deposition of evidence.

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