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Blockchain initiative used to protect data for advanced TV ads 12/26/2018

Blockchain technology will do it
it is now used to protect data for advanced television advertising, based on an industry initiative promoted by Comcast Cable Advertising, along with Viacom and Charter Communications & Spectrum Reach
advertising unit.

Comcast is also working with its NBCUniversal unit to test its Blockgraph software, with the intention of turning it into an addressable offering at the start of 2019. Comcast adds
media companies and MVPDs (distributors of multichannel video programs) will soon be named.

Blockgraph is blockchain-enabled software, which operates within the FreeWheel division of Comcast, the
TV / digital advertising server / management platform.

Comcast states that Blockgraph intends to become the "level of identity" for the television industry, a platform in which media sellers and publishers
can offer data without revealing identifiable user data to third parties.



The data of each Blockgraph media participant – seller or TV advertiser – remain in their privacy systems
of its users. This includes compliance with the options / choices of the user relating to the use of data.

Blockgraph is a peer-to-peer platform, says Comcast, allowing media vendors and marketing professionals to perform
blind matches directly with each other, protected by cryptographic technologies, unidentifiable data and blockchain protocols.

Blockchain technology is where many users write
enter an information register – a decentralized public ledger. The great promise of Blockchain is data protection, since the entire community of users controls the recording of information
is modified / modified.

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