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Blockchain in 2018: Where are we in the Hype cycle?

We're back with another "consensus" edition this week on the podcast. GTM president Scott Clavenna joins us to explain the arcane world ofblockchainto our listeners in the energy sector.

We promised not to do another episode on blockchain until we saw some noteworthy developments – now we have too much news to sift. We are going to probe the most important stories of the last year.

We will start with a quick overview of the Amazon plan for the development of blockchain-as-a-service: does this indicate something special on the market?

So we will address a fundamental question: where are we in the cycle of hype? Are people moderating their expectations?

Other stories we are monitoring:

  • How has WePower highlighted the data from the Estonia grid?

  • Why has Grid + faced so many regulatory obstacles in the Texas electricity market?

  • The year of standardization: how are players mobilizing around data and privacy standards?

  • The fall in cryptocurrency prices: how does investor enthusiasm affect these new energy applications?

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