Blockchain finance currency and cryptocurrency?

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<h2>  What is Rubius? </h2>
<p><strong>  Rubius </strong> seeks to perfect the future through the introduction of a blockchain-based platform that will make it easier to use purchase, sale, as well as send and receive various types of cryptocurrencies.The Rubius platform is touted as a bank, exchange and portfolio of next generation. </p>
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Rubius Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Finance Coin

Reduced volatility

Aryl is the official wallet to be used on the platform Rubius . It is a portfolio that will help protect your funds from the rapid loss of value that has become common with the cryptocurrency market.As soon as you activate the volatility shield, any encryption that you receive is automatically exchanged for fiat or any other known stable currency.

When it comes to sending cryptocurrency, the funds must be converted by fi at. The wallet does all this for you by converting the fun outgoing ds into the token or favorite currency.

Ready For Adoption

Currently, it has been seen that the user error accounts for almost ninety-five percent of all cryptocurrency funds that are lost. This occurs mainly due to the fact that the interfaces used by most exchanges are too complicated.

In order for any platform to be adopted by the masses, it is necessary to ensure that the platform is accessible. And that's what the developers did with the Rubius platform. It is user-friendly and can be used by anyone, regardless of whether it is a cryptic enthusiast or is simply entering the encrypted world.

Maximized Profits

Rubiex is the official cryptocurrency for this platform. The exchange offers a large selection of tokens and coins. In addition to providing users with a large number of coins to choose from, the platform ensures that trading takes place with a constant commission of 1%. This rate is extremely low compared to what other companies are charging.

Social Payments

Platform users can easily send and receive cryptocurrency with Rubius's intuitive payment service known as Aryl.

Rubius token RUBY [19659016] Rubius' RUBY comes with an immediate utility. When you use RUBY coins to trade, you can enjoy reduced rates. Taxes are reduced by up to fifty percent. Coins are also the official payment method for those who will use the Aryl application.

As new solutions are introduced into the platform, the RUBY will continue to be integrated into an offer to increase demand and utility. According to the development team, all proceeds from IOCO Rubius will be channeled to marketing and development costs.

Details ICO Rubius RUBY Token

Rubius cryptocurrency will work on the Ethereum platform, which means it will be compatible [19659000] Start: 21 August 2018 (14:00 EST)

  • Number of coins for sale: 210,000. 000 of RUBINO (70%)
  • End: 25 September 2018 (14:00 EST)
  • Exchange rate of coins: 1 ETH = 7000 RUBY
  • Currencies accepted: ETH
  • Minimum amount of the transaction: 0.05 ETH
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