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Blockchain destined to revolutionize football | London economic news

The players who collaborated with Beats Headphone Company have pushed what is called one of the most significant marketing successes in recent times. The collaboration with the stars of football has seen the company record a lot of sales and reach markets that would never have achieved using traditional marketing methods. Players who see the potential to collaborate with brands like Choice Casinos and are using blockchain technology to cash out the extra income brought on by their celebrity status.

Cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology are helping players who command a huge following to kill the biggest sport in the world, commanding over 4 billion fans. The time for the purchase of vintage flash cards is over, today players receive personalized cryptographic coins that fans buy and trade by increasing their values. Players will need to be on top of their game in the field to keep their currency's value high and increasing.

The breaking of the blockchain football

With fans buying players 'cryptocurrencies, the football industry will change dramatically, and more financial power will fall on players' hands. To try to recover market shares, football clubs will have to develop encrypted coins and distribute to fans to trade and boost value.

Players like James Rodriguez are seeing the potential that comes with having crypto coin tokens. With as many as 17 million followers on Twitter, James Rodriguez's "JR10Token" currency has started to sell and is expected to reach $ 1 million by the first half or by mid-2019. Fans will soon have their way into matters to do with their favorite clubs through the increase or decrease in sales of club coin tokens.

They will encrypt sales when they request that a player or manager be fired and increase the value of the token when a manager or player is behaving in a tremendous way for the club.

Bitcoin sports betting sites

With the advent of cryptocurrency gaming platforms, many sports betting sites are changing their rules and accepting BTC payments. The soccer sports betting segment is gradually changing from real cash transactions to cryptocurrency.

These changes have seen sites; players and clubs invest billions in the development of new coin tokens which in turn will generate profitable profits. Arsenal Football Club took the risk of registering with CashBet for a cryptocurrency sponsorship deal. The bet was paid and the club earned millions thanks to this deal.

Today, players and football clubs are collaborating with ICO to coin millions and transition into the future of gambling after making profits. More players like Eden Hazard are taking advantage of ICO sponsorship offers and are smiling up in the bank!


Blockchain technology has started to break traditional sports bets. By eliminating the intermediary, fans, clubs and players can connect directly without having to pay taxes on their bets. Moreover, this new technology has opened up endless new opportunities that will create more bets and winning platforms that are right for all stakeholders!

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