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Blockchain conference without Internet access

Pyongyang Conference Center

Pyongyang Conference Center

Next week North Korea will host its own blockchain and crypto conference. The program may actually still be a little cryptic, but the blockchain does not seem to have a strong impact.

After all, North Korea, the lone state led by the Kim dynasty, will hold its own blockchain and crypt lecture. Initially set for October, the event was moved instead to April 2019.

The way it was moved later speaks of the local approach to openness: the old dates were simply removed and the new one was published without further comment. On a website that incidentally claims to be the web page of the North Korean office. In truth, it is managed by Alejandro Cao de Benós, the special envoy of the government and president of the Korean Friendship Association (KFA).

Taking the places

The event will last eight days and participants will have to shell out about 3,100 euros (3,732 dollars) each – or 3,363,503 won, the local currency. Alternatively, you can afford the one-month rental of an 85-square-meter furnished apartment in one of the most beautiful areas of Pyongyang, 6,000 kilos of tomatoes, 15,000 eggs or 18 40-inch flat-screen TVs.

In addition to the two-day event, the fee for the conference includes a mandatory tour, with a war museum, a university campus and a brewery as the main attractions – the Economist reported that beer was the most only useful good that North Korea was better than its neighbor in the south.

Misleading means of communication

Internet access, however, is not included. Nor is roaming. Because they both do not exist. Apart from the 3-star hotel, which the organizers have organized for the participants. For $ 5, conference participants can use the Internet for an hour and can even make phone calls.

Of course, if you prefer a little privacy, you can always opt for a North Korea SIM card, but buying one of the organizers is not worth it for a short time.

US citizens are welcome

Participants can take their laptop, smartphone or tablet and US citizens are invited to register. Potential participants from South Korea, Japan and Israel are not, nor are journalists.

The conference program has yet to be published. Christopher Emms, the CEO of Token Key, an ICO company and blockchain, presented himself as an organizer via his LinkedIn account. He was looking for speakers and participants.

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