Wallet confirms "Limited support" for Bitcoin SV


Cryptocurrency statistics and wall block provider announced they launched partial support for Bitcoin SV (BSV) in a blog post on January 22nd.

The product of a controversial hard fork of Bitcoin Cash (BCH), BSV exists since November 15, 2018, but has undergone various technical difficulties in the weeks following its creation.

Some suppliers and wallet exchanges were initially skeptical about the new currency, with an important exchange Kraken noting that BSV had "many red flags" and "should be seen as a high risk investment"., previously, confirmed Tuesday that users have some of the same options with BSV as with the other four hosted cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum (ETH) and Stellar (XLM).

"We have traced the Bitcoin SV chain [sic] strictly and now will offer limited and limited transaction support for Bitcoin SV (BSV). You will be able to view your balance, exchange BSV for BTC, BCH, ETH and XLM via Swap, and send BSV to any address, "reads the blog post, continuing:

"We have no plans to enable full BSV functionality at this time."

"We will continue to monitor the activities of BSV to determine how long we will have limited support and make sure to keep you updated on any changes to the service!" Concludes the blog post.

As part of the cryptocurrency wallet support, users who have held BCH tokens in their portfolio before the bifurcation date will now be able to use a dedicated coin-subdivision tool to recover their duplicate BSV balance.

The tool reproduces the one used by in 2017, when BCH broke away from the BTC chain.

BSV / USD is currently trading around $ 75.80, below its initial market price of around $ 88. The asset peaked at $ 243 shortly after its debut, based on cross-sectional data. exchange of CoinMarketCap.

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