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Blockchain, Blockchain, Blockchain! What's in store for 2019? What do the experts think … | Crowdfund Insider

As the 2018 eases and we review the ups and downs of the market, it makes sense only to predict the trends for 2019. This year Blockchain was in the news, making giant strides in its advancement and industry leaders predict that the momentum of Blockchain – and investments in the Blockchain – will continue to rise and beyond the fintech in the new year.

Crowdfund Insider reached the members of the global fintech sector for their predictions, overwhelming members have had more to share on Blockchain and its ecosystem, role in IoT, in universities, in emerging markets, gaming, decentralization and moving away from the crypto in others (and all) sectors such as voting to ensure transparency and security.

Nydia Zhang, president and co-founder of the Social Alpha Foundation, has planned collaboration between the main philanthropies and global organizations using Blockchain:

"2019 will be the year when the blockchain reaches the big moment with organizations like the UN, the World Bank and the main global philanthropies that take a greater stakes in the use of blockchain technology for anchoring their initiatives: The collapse of prices in cryptography has created a window of focus on basic technology that will drive opportunities for billions of lives without and without exclusion ".

She continued:

"Expect to see projects ranging from the supply chain, identity, transparency and governance that are emerging from the world's largest humanitarian organizations, demonstrating the true value of the blockchain, although a rebound in the cryptographic market may not bring us back to the previous highs, we should witness the adoption of blockchain by the largest banks, Internet companies and even the world's smallest governments. "

"Expect to see projects ranging from the supply chain, identity, transparency and governance that are spreading from the largest humanitarian organizations in the world, demonstrating the true value of the blockchain." @ Nydia_zhang …

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How will the regulations come into play in 2019? How do you see blocking the blockchain in other areas?

"2018 was a fiscal year for blockchain and crypto, with the emphasis placed on market movements and the need for greater regulation in space." Towards the end of 2019, and further, I believe we will start to see a separation between hype and reality ", declared the CEO and co-founder of qiibee Gabriele Giancola. "We are slowly but surely starting to witness the gradual interruption of other sectors such as retail, education, health care, loyalty, the banking and financial sector, and companies are experimenting with new technology and the wide range of applications for blockchain is beginning to emerge … "

Giancola continued:

"While the question goes from" What is blockchain? "A" How can we use blockchain technology? "We will see a growing number of private and public institutions exploring its use." In an effort to eliminate inefficiencies and simplify the processes within their activities, we can also expect to see an increase in the number of traditional companies that incorporate blockchain technology to provide solutions for everyday business problems. "

"We are slowly but inexorably beginning to witness the gradual interruption of other sectors such as retail, education, health care, loyalty, banking and finance …" #blockchain #predictions

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What will happen in the future when more and more companies are processing and eventually use blockchain?

"With the increase in the number of companies that are experimenting with technology, ensuring the security and stability of blockchain will be critical to its success." It is important to remember that blockchain is still a developing technology and that related problems its performance and scalability must be addressed so that technology can have a sustainable future ", Giancola predicts. "For this reason, the regulation for global distributed master books and smart accounting audits will become increasingly important, and I believe we will see a drive towards more standardization of platforms and protocols as this hinders the mass adoption of technology. Governments, financial institutions and businesses will not be the only organizations that use the power of blockchain, and I expect that we will see an increase in the use of blockchain technology next year. "

Who and what else can benefit from the blockchain in 2019?

"This year has been dominated by individuals and the media has been fixed on price.My forecast for 2019 is that the industry will focus on the real-world problems that blockchain technology can solve, rather than obsess over success or failure of specific currencies, or up and down the market, "noted Monax Co-founder and CEO of Casey Kuhlman. "With the development of global trade, there is a noticeable discrepancy between business needs and suppliers seeking to operate in. Taking just one example, the advent of smart contracts offers a technical basis on which they can built and delivered legally and technically qualified legal products In 2019, my hope is that we apply technology not only to the legal sector, but to the myriad of sectors that can and should benefit from its transparency, speed, efficiency and reliability ".

"In 2019, my hope is that we apply technology not only to the legal sector, but to the myriad of industries that can and should benefit from its transparency, speed, efficiency and reliability." @ MonaxHQ …

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What will happen in the cross section of IoT and Blockchain?

"I predict that in 2019 the vulnerabilities of IoT to hacking will increase substantially as new devices enter the market without adequate protection.The virtual reality for training and educational simulation within the Businesses will become the hottest trend for corporate learning organizations and augmented reality wearables will enter the mainstream and help increase productivity, "said Augma COO Dana Farbo. "The management for the company will extend to the consumer space for the protection and control of IoT devices.The blockchain and the technology of distributed ledgers will become the fulcrum of the future of voting in the countries".

"The blockchain technology and distributed ledger will become the fulcrum of the future of voting in the countries …

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Vladislav Dramaliev, head of digital marketing for æternity, has suggested how Blockchain technology can continue next year:

"The lack of ease of use and mobile support are two significant obstacles that hamper the mass adoption of blockchain technology by the public, which is why we expect more efforts to be focused on improving these aspects. decentralized applications and the conviction of potential mass market users that decentralized applications are easy to use and easily accessible in 2019. "

Dramaliev continued:

"However, the utility of decentralized applications for the average user is not yet clear: more ways to earn and spend coins and tokens will emerge, which will allow users to generate value by participating in digital and decentralized economies. more complex ".

"Other ways to earn and spend coins and tokens will begin to emerge, which will allow users to generate value by participating in digital economies, # more complex decentralized …" #blockchainpredictions

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Will 2019 be the year in which we will witness the adoption of the traditional blockchain?

"At the apex of every new year we ask," Will this be the year we will witness traditional adoption? "Even though I would not promise that 2019 will be the year We will see a wave of widespread use cases in 2019 as organizations that want to implement and develop blockchain applications become more targeted, so we are likely to see some convincing cases emerge, "he said. CEO of Zilliqa, Xinshu Dong. "As entrepreneurs and companies introduce and implement blockchain technology, one of the main obstacles that industry faces is the balance between scalability and security: 2019 could actually be the year we will face challenges existing, we will see the technology pull beyond the testnet phase and we welcome many far-reaching apps. "

"2019 could actually be the year we will address the existing challenges, see the technology traction beyond the testnet stage and we welcome many far-reaching #dapps. & # 39; #blockchainpredictions

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Game on … Kevin April, CEO of SportsCastr and FanChain, has made some forecasts on Blockchain in the sport sector, including:

"Blockchain-based supply chain monitoring, in particular with food products, raw materials and luxury goods, will become the standard …. All major ticket distributors will adopt blockchain technology for greater transparency in the fight against counterfeits. TicketMaster's partnership with UPGRADED was just the tip of the iceberg and the whole industry is about to change. "

April added:

"The Big 4 in the United States (NHL, MLB, NBA and NFL) and / or their unions will release all blockchain-based collectibles based on the idea of ​​digital scarcity." Dodgers' digital giliardino was the first, but narrow Expect to see a wave of licensing partnerships that will revitalize legacy industries, including collectible cards.Because sports betting becomes legal in multiple states, blockchain will play an important role in enhancing the back-end of the main properties of sports betting.This will be transparent to the end user and will be largely fueled by proprietary stablecoins. "

And what fun is it to make predictions without a moonlight?

"Amazon releases its own cryptocurrency and Facebook launches its blockchain that will be used in all its properties," predicted April.

& # 39; Amazon publishes its cryptocurrency platform and Facebook launches its blockchain that will be used in all its properties … & # 39; #predictions #blockchain

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Is Blockchain just exaggerated? What's beyond the chain?

"What we have seen this year has been the rebalancing of the blockchain sector, where the hype of the end of 2017 has been compared with the technology that is actually achievable.This is something that goes through any new emerging technology", declared the CEO of ObEN, Nikhil Jain. "In 2019 we will probably see more emerging companies with more mature blockchain products – which will then promote more sustainable growth through both the blockchain community that resisted the storm in 2018, as well as other institutional investors who will be attracted to more mature solutions."

What do you think about the possibility of a broader trend towards decentralization next year?

"I think the most interesting thing is the broader tendency for decentralization.The clamor of the blockchain is stagnant, but more and more the public is realizing how centralized platforms are abusing and exposing their data and patterns of life," said the founder of Volavia and the co-founder of SeedCloud Graham York. "Recent statements and actions by Tim Cook and Tim Berners Lee support this: this is the problem I am hearing in every major corporate effort at SeedCloud." Blockchain "maximalists" must embrace wider trends and realize that the blockchain itself could only be a precursor technology for a wider revolution of society. "

How does Blockchain help lenders in 2019 and beyond?

Blockchain will help credit institutions reduce real-time stacking of loans: the cryptocurrency hype is almost over and it is time to focus on the most interesting part of it – the blockchain technology ", the Chief Risk Officer of BlueVine Ido Lustig. "In 2019 we expect to see the first cases of use of this technology for recording and sharing data between lenders. There is real potential for real-time data sharing that will help lenders avoid loans to customers who have just taken similar loans from other lenders, in a decentralized and anonymous manner. This will allow the industry to overcome one of the challenges that quick loan approvals bring: stacking of loans in real time ".

What are your thoughts on market cycles and what will happen in 2019?

"If your business model does not take into account any kind of hedge against a bear market, then it will hurt you badly, as seen with companies like GigaWatt." It is unfortunate because much of this infrastructure created by crypto-miners is able to to offer many revenue generating options, such as hosting cloud services, it has been an alarm to many to diversify their infrastructure so that they can effectively overcome the storm, "he said. founder of Nodo Haven, Michael Bazzi. "Although many miners are operating at a loss because they believe in the future, the miners have already done all this and will prosper." As for the blockchain societies, which bring real value to the world by solving the needs of the current day, they will absolutely collapse. These push-ups typically expose project weaknesses while allowing others to reach the summit – as seen in the Internet bubble – ultimately this can be seen as a filtration process and each time the market cycle gets bigger and the best companies will emerge, Blockchain is here to stay. "

What will happen in the field of decentralized VPN blockchains? According to the founder of Mysterium Network Robertas Višinskis,

"As the 2018 draws to a close, a highlight for the blockchain is the way the larger space has managed to differentiate itself from being closely associated with the cryptocurrency.In 2019, we will look at privacy and data protection trends. personalities continue to grow in importance Traditional investors have seen the bear market conquer the crypto space in 2018. A more stable crypto market, regulators that create infrastructures within different jurisdictions, as well as underlining importance of cyber security could see more traditional investors enter the blockchain space in 2019 For companies that use blockchain for next year, especially if a bear market continues, product-oriented companies will have greater stability to withstand the turbulence on companies at risk ".

Brent Jaciow, director of Blockchain Affairs at Utopia Music, talked about how Blockchain makes its way into new sectors and reinforces its relevance in the fintech next year:

"We will see a lot of buzz in the blockchain space, particularly with regard to security tokens and the new tokenization economy, where illiquid resources are once liquid and accessible to almost all investors, which will create an immense opportunity. to allow any resource (or idea for that matter) to become investable, crowdfunded or fractionally owned.Increasing the universe of available investors will not only increase the amount of investible capital and the total number of projects that can be brought in life, but also innovation will be greatly improved, although this will also require a broad regulatory change, as regulatory bodies are obliged to find sensible solutions in an evolving field to ensure security and transparency of investors ".

As for Fintech, Jaciow predicted:

"Blockchain will continue to have an impact on the fintech sector in various ways, but above all we will notice the continued shift to having information about customers" know your customer "and" anti-money laundering "in a combination of open and authorized chains. # Integration of customers into institutions and will improve the user experience as it is no longer necessary to complete the documents and submit the documentation repeatedly. "

"#Blockchain will continue to have an impact on the #fintech sector in a number of ways, but in particular we will see the continuous transition to having information on customers" know your customer "and" anti-money laundering "…

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Let's not forget the gaming industry. When Ultra's co-CEO, Nicolas Gilot, looks to the future, he sees the industry benefiting from the last two years of progress and the great players entering the game:

"Looking at 2019, I think we will reap the rewards of the work put in place by actors, teams and communities in the industry over the past two years – Blockchain technology has a bright future but the way to get there will be full of twists. new and emerging technology, there will be many ups and downs before seeing mainstream adoption of technology, but I think the blockchain will change industries as we know them – everything from finance and banking, to retail, to 39. education, health care, and entertainment, this will only happen when more traditional institutional investors begin to enter the space, and in the next 12 months financial giants like Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan will play an increasingly influential role. in encouraging the generalized adoption of blockchain, since the cryptography market continues the race to the bottom, it is inevitable that we will see to a situation of "survival of the fittest", and the stabilization of the market, along with less speculation, will be important as we head towards 2019 … While decentralized exchanges have received a lot of hype this year, I do not think they will be big next year with the SEC blocking exchange mechanisms. With this in mind, I think 2019 will focus more on hybrid or centralized systems that can be compiled with regulations. "

What's happening in the academic world? l & # 39; ecosystem? Will Blockchain's investment opportunities diminish? Not yet….

"From the investment standpoint, 2019 will be a promising year for blockchain as projects move away from a" blockchain-for-everything "approach to implementation.We will see a more sophisticated industry emerge in a variety of sectors, including identity solutions, games and financial services, one that has enormous potential, both jointly and independently, for cryptocurrency and its core technology, with increased competitiveness, and industry of the blockchain is destined to undergo a sort of consolidation and the projects better equipped with a mentality of "survival of the fittest" are more likely to succeed ", suggested Roger Lim, Founding Partner of NEO Global Capital. "We will also see greater commitment to the academic world: higher education institutions such as the University of California, Berkeley and the CRYSTAL Center (Cryptocurrency Strategy, Techniques and Algorithms) of the National University of Singapore are already involved in research and development and cultivate the necessary developers to push the whole blockchain ecosystem ".

Thinking about Blockchain, what changes did you see in your acceptance? What are your predictions for breaking the Blockchain?

"I can see the institutional attitude towards the blockchain that continues to change in 2019 as quickly as the technology itself: mainstream business, traditional finance and even government institutions will continue to accept both blockchain in their daily practices, both to shape its progression through use and regulation.The developers and innovative projects they work on will continue to advance blockchain capabilities, creating proof-of-concept that pushes to the limit and new cases of d & # 39; These, on the other hand, will continue to bridge the gap between the technology and its centralized competitors, but I believe that the interruption of this technology will not be fully realized in the course of a single year ", he speculated. the cofounder and CEO of Lisk, Max Kordek. "We are dealing with extremely futuristic propositions here and there is work to be done." We must strive to address industry challenges, such as the lack of formal blockchain education and the need to continue attracting the best talent. Even more importantly, the blockchain industry must continue to drive research and technology development and share its cumulative knowledge through a strong and global open source development culture. "

& # 39; … next year there will be more companies in the #blockchain space that will focus on your real performance, because after all, even today very few people are interested in what Amazon technology or …

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Going back and closing with the social impact of Blockchain, INVAO co-founder and CEO, Frank Wagner, added,

"In 2019 we will start to see more acceptance of blockchain-based deals in various sectors, and I think the" blockchain for good "trend will continue to expand in its reach and will attract more traditional investors in the cryptic space. of responsibility is often an obstacle to investment in the social impact, we will be able to legitimately raise funds through Blockchain in a more transparent way.I also believe that next year there will be more companies in the blockchain space that will focus on your real performance because after all, even today very few people are interested in what the technology of Amazon or Netflix is ​​based on. "

Best wishes for a fantastic holiday season and happy 2019!

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