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Blockchain becomes mobile: the first Crypto MVNO announces the loyalty rewards program

This week, Miracle Tele (mobile-based virtual operator / blockchain-based MVNO) announced the public launch of a loyalty rewards program that has been available to token and investor holders since last October.

The prizes are distributed in the form of an interchangeable cryptographic token, compared to the so-called non-fungible "points" that are more commonly known (redeemable only for products created by the points distributor).

In this scenario, the customer is given full freedom with the way they choose to spend their prizes. As far as this author knows, the scheme is the first of its kind to be offered by any MVNO provider, even if it would not be the first for an MNO.


"Mobile Network Operators" (or MNOs) is the term used to describe most of the best known mobile service providers, such as T-Mobile and O2.

MNOs are wireless cellular phone providers that own full ownership of all operational components needed for the sale of mobile services.

"Mobile virtual network operators" (or MVNOs) are companies that enter into a service agreement with the aforementioned MNOs in order to hire their services at a commercial or wholesale rate.

These companies subsequently apply their business ideologies, as well as market offerings (exclusive service packages and value lines), ideally to help bring a greater level of competition and choice in the mobile telecommunications market.

Blockchain in the mobile space

Miracle Tele is not the first blockchain-based company operating in the area of ​​mobile phones, and most likely will not be the last!

Last year, the famous blockchain exchange game "Crypto Kitties" hit the news once again to be integrated into all the factory HTC U12 + devices (the flagship smartphone for the company in 2018 ).

It would not be the first time that HTC flirted with Crypto, as when they sold controversial that phone "HTC Exodus 1 & # 39; exclusively in exchange for cryptocurrency.

Further examples of blockchain-based product developers or service providers inside the mobile space include token portfolios and mobile app providers for the exchange. In addition to the mobile payment token supported by SBI & # 39; S Coin & # 39 ;.

MVN of Blockchain Useful?

There is little competition of note that is bridging the gap between blockchain and MVNOs, suggesting that the companies we see will be representative of the fact that such partnerships will build or fail in subsequent years.

For those interested in learning more about the MVNOs in the blockchain space and / enjoying my prose, I recommend consulting an article I wrote here on Hacked.com about how an underrated star in crypto (Electroneum) has recently collaborated with this company, increasing its portfolio of real use cases for the p2p financial transaction in line with its mission.

Another company in space, however with less legitimate coverage, is the one with the name "YOVO".

Disclaimer: The author owns small amounts of Bitcoin and Ethereum. It holds investment positions in the currencies, but does not carry out short-term or daily trading activities.

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