Blockchain-based gaming platform PlayGame collaborates with Disney


Despite the bearish market of 2018, it seems that more and more blockchain-based companies are collaborating with some of the world's most powerful and influential corporations. In particular, Plays, a direct-to-play gaming platform where users can play for free, create their own competitions and win pool prizes, announced a one-year collaboration with The Walt Disney Company Southeast Asia. The games will also include characters from the Disney franchise. The collaboration was announced through a average to send.

Information on the collaboration

There is already some confirmed information on the collaboration. For example, Mickey Mouse (probably the most famous character of Disney of all time) will be involved, as well as the character Olaf of the hit film "Frozen", the highly successful computer-animated fantasy fantasy film of 2013 that grossed over $ 1 billion.

Specifically, a game will be "Mickey & # 39; s Delivery Dash", which will feature Mickey Mouse in an attempt to distribute croissants through Paris to Minnie Mouse coffee. Another game will include Olaf trying to find his missing body parts.

In addition, the collaboration will take place in 6 countries in Southeast Asia: Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam.


Walt Disney World, Orlando, Florida

Both companies have had positive things to say about the collaboration. Specifically, Anton Soeharyo, CEO of PlayGame, said: "We are delighted to announce this wonderful collaboration with The Walt Disney Company.As millions of people around the world, I am a big fan of Disney, which is a very exciting collaboration, since our decentralized blockchain gaming platform will encourage innovation and bring Disney's well-loved creative products to the vast PlayGame community.

The director and head of marketing of Southeast Asian games, Je Alipio, said: "This partnership with PlayGame offers more opportunities to bring our beloved characters and stories closer to Southeast Asian fans through high-quality interactive gaming experiences. quality".

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