Blockchain-based AI agents to replace traditional user interfaces? Blockchain News Today


With the advance of technology, the need for human actors in many daily projects has been eliminated. Experts believe that the moment will come when some technologies that are now considered to be the last ones will be replaced by more advanced ones. One of these technologies is artificial intelligence. This technology was created with the hope of making the machines as similar as possible to humans. Thanks to the automatic learning, IA equipments are able to study and understand their environment and use the collected data to better serve human beings.

Blockchain technology for virtual human agent

With the goal of creating an intelligent but obedient servant, Connectome, a Japanese startup, has developed the first virtual human agent with blockchain technology. This technology threatens the existence of the current user interface that most of today's technology has. While they are available now, the traditional user interface can not be compared to an interface based on blockchain and AI technology. To do homework, all you have to do is point to the activity or talk.

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A long time ago, Apple Microsoft, Amazon and Google predicted the relevance of this type of technology and therefore the creation of their virtual assistants. Before now, these assistants were just disembodied voices. Recently, technology giants have started adding nominated avatars to help them make this technology something like a human experience. Mica, the avatar created by Google Unicorn can answer questions based on stored data. The avatar makes eye contact, smiles and uses other gestures similar to human ones. Mica is similar to the creation of Sony, Sophia.

Say goodbye to user interfaces

With these avatars, in the end there will be no need for dashboards or buttons. As long as you have assistance, you can perform tasks efficiently simply by speaking to your human avatar. The market for this type of assistance grows every day thanks to the needs of this technology-prone generation. The VHA that Connectome is creating will lead to a chain reaction that would eventually render user interfaces unusable. Just as the automotive industry was able to replace vehicles driven by animals with man-driven vehicles in the 20th century, VHA will replace this generation of user interfaces.

Connectome is working closely with another Japanese technology company, Couger. This company already has over 12 years experience in the blockchain, VR and AI sectors. They work with telecommunications companies like KDDI and car companies like Honda. The company states that it is using a word of order that has been coined by marketing experts to describe something that no one will remember.

The blockchain-based platform, on which Connectome is working, will facilitate thousands of projects for entrepreneurs and developers. They will be able to exchange and exchange similar human intelligence agents created along with the data needed to train these agents. The platform will also offer companies and individuals the power to guarantee property rights in human subjects such as artificial intelligence agents. The company said:

"We see a future in which artificial intelligence with a human interface will act as the most important agent in difficult situations, for example, elderly and autistic people will enjoy the benefits of technology efficiently."

Society believes it has the potential to exploit the tectonic change of how machines and humans interact. They have not yet made announcements about an initial public offering or fundraising for the project.

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