Blockchain: a very funny explanation


If you've ever heard an enthusiastic businessman to discuss the
blockchain potential – without being completely sure of who I am
Speaking – you will love this conference

In one of the most prestigious cryptography conferences in the world
at the beginning of this week, a speaker nailed exactly what he makes
blockchain technology so exciting.

Watch the video, through Jess Sorrell:

In case I did not have the joke, let us explain: Blockchain
blockchain blockchain blockchain.

This short speech was given to Crypto 2018 in Santa Barbara,
which is a conference for mathematicians and
informatics to discuss new discoveries in the world of
cryptography: the study of how to encrypt and decode data as well
unwanted parts can not access it.

To be clear, it is not a cryptocurrency conference, even if some
presenters touch on topics related to the digital currency e

This speech was given in what is called a "rump session", an event
during the evening it is a little less formal – many speeches
they are jokes, and it is not meant to be a forum for serious security

The last slide of the conversation blockchain includes a link to a
similar acrobatics
in 2007
in which a scientist repeated "chicken chicken chicken"
during a humorous session at a conference.

"Even presentations that are not purely technical in nature
warmly encouraged, "says the conference website,
going forward in detail of some reasons why a speech could belong
the rump session. And we mention:

  1. Money: I have already corrupted the session president.
  2. It will be fun: I really promise it, really.
  3. Latest true news: I found this result yesterday on

We do not know who gave this particular speech. However, in
the program of this year of rump
sessions at the conference,
a four-minute talk on
Tuesday was just titled "Blockchain!" It was given by Jon
Callas, a well-known security professional who co-founded PGP
Corp, Silent Circle and Blackphone, and started working for
Apple in 2016,
according to Reuters

The programming community seemed to appreciate the speech:

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