“Blades of Happiness”, a Saudi competition to face Corona in the Arab world


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Posted on: Wednesday 24 June 2020 – 14:11 | Last update: Wednesday 24 June 2020 – 2:11 pm

Today, Wednesday, the “Happiness Blades” competition was launched in Saudi Arabia to tackle the emerging coronavirus, giving hope to the Arab world.

The competition is the largest in the history of social networking sites, and is inspired by a true story, and comes in light of the climate charged with tension and anxiety over the spread of the Corona pandemic at an Arab and international level.

The “Happiness Blades” competition was launched by the Saudi “H DROPS” Foundation and is aimed at all Internet users in the Arab world.

Hattan Ghazi Shata, the creator and director of the Happiness Blades Competition, said today in a statement to the German News Agency (DPA) that the competition is a competition that begins with the vision of seven blades of happiness.

He added that the competitor selects one of the seven blades, registers it and subscribes through the YouTube channel “H DROPS”, which directly broadcasts the competition and concerts that will be announced shortly in the coming days.

He explained that the goal of the competition is to make people’s happiness a habit and laughter a way of life.

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