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Bittrex launches a US dollar market tomorrow for Bitcoin Cash


The last week of September, one of the most popular cryptocurrency trading platforms, Bittrex, officially announced to the world their intentions to support Bitcoin Cash (BCH), 4th the world's largest virtual currency in the US dollar market.

According to the information made public, the official launch date on the US Bitcoin Cash market will be 3rd October. In addition, traders and investors who have activated their Bittrex accounts before 5th September already has the right to exchange US dollars. Tweeted exchange today:

In a few hours, 3rd October, Bittrex, the exchange of cryptocurrencies, will launch the long-awaited and exciting US dollar market for Bitcoin Cash (BCH).

Prior to the listing in BCH, Bittrex also added Tron (TRX) and Litecoin (LTC) to their growing portfolio, recently combining them with the US dollar to its platform.

During the period when Bittrex was installing Tron (TRX) on its platform, the exchange was quick to let them know that they were the first platform that facilitated the US dollar market for Tron (TRX) in the United States.

Bittrex also clarified the importance of launching assorted US dollar markets for virtual currencies. By creating and launching different US dollar markets, the platform helps to avoid a single or a particular virtual currency that holds dominance in the encrypted market.

Brief history of Bittrex Exchange and their contribution in allowing investors to exchange dollars for virtual currency

Thanks to recent Bittrex efforts, investors and traders can now purchase virtual currencies using US dollars.

Bittrex, a Seattle-based cryptocurrency exchange, has reached an agreement with relevant market players to allow investors and traders to buy digital goods with US dollars.

Considered widely one of the safest virtual currency exchanges in the United States, Bittrex has developed a custom exchange engine to execute and process orders efficiently and quickly.

The exchange company was founded by ICT and security experts in 2014 who have more than 50 years of combined skills and knowledge. Bittrex's headquarters are located in Las Vegas, Nevada, and its commitment to security is unrivaled as it offers a wide variety of virtual currencies that are only confirmed as reliable digital coins / assets.

In addition to Bitcoin Cash (BCH), the Bittrex cryptocurrency platform has other relevant digital coins listed on their trading platform. Such digital assets include Zcash (ZEC) and Cardano (ADA) although the encrypted exchange is limited in geographic coverage.

The growing demand from potential customers is increasing, bombarding the management of the exchange to expand their services to all the districts of their jurisdiction.

Recently, Bitcoin Cash (BCH) has been in the spotlight for all the right reasons. Last week, the BCH experienced a sudden appreciation of the 20% price increase, adding over $ 1 billion to its market capitalization.

The news revolving around the sudden price increase of Bitcoin Cash (BCH) prices introduces the IPO deposit of Bitmain, a mining giant. According to analysts, given that Bitmain held huge reserves of the digital currency, a portion of the multi-billion dollar fund-raising funds will likely be deployed in the development of cryptocurrency.

Moreover, in addition to Bittrex, Bitcoin Cash has received huge acclaim on the market. Recently, Gemini, a reputable cryptocurrency exchange in the Bittrex league, has obtained regulatory consent to add Bitcoin Cash (BCH) to its trading platform.

According to official sources, BCH will be shortly listed on Gemini. Following recent activities, the Bitcoin Cash platform is making significant improvements to its system by adding new updates that contain a censorship-resistant file-storage system.

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