BitTorrent Inventor confirms the departure of the company acquired by Tron


Inventor of BitTorrent, Bram Cohen has recently released some official comments on the company's output after it was acquired from Tron. In his comments, Cohen clearly stated that he was no longer involved in BitTorrent, confirming that he is currently working on another ecological cryptocurrency project called Chia.

Bram Cohen first introduced BitTorrent in 2004, right after what hundreds of millions of people have adopted technology making the project one of the most successful platforms in the live entertainment and online entertainment market .

Previously, however, Cohen was generally critical of cryptocurrencies expressing mostly negative public opinions, which makes Tron's acquisition of BitTorrent quite ironic.

While so far there have been no official announcements of Cohen about the recent agreement between Tron and BitTorrent, according to the official source of Torrent Freak, Cohen gave some brief but clear comments when the source reached him directly. The source reports that Cohen noted: "I have no involvement with Tron", confirming that "it no longer has an official role in BitTorrent Inc".

Torrent Freak also made his own comments on Cohen's recent announcements also to judge from history by stating that "It is no secret that the inventor of BitTorrent has started to distance himself from the company he founded, but the answers that we have received suggest that it has moved permanently, which is a big problem.Unfortunately, Cohen has not commented on the matter further.You can imagine, however, that seeing the company that has built from scratch in the hands of a millionaire crypto, It is not what he imagined.

Finally the source suggested that "BitTorrent Inc. certainly loses some of its style, without Bram Cohen. It is the end of an era and, at the same time, the beginning of an uncertain future ".

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