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Bitmain's Bmc team was fired just before Christmas

Every resident of "crypto kingdom" loves cryptocurrency for its advantages and its possibilities. The point is that anonymous money is very much appreciated by the companions of service. How their owners have full financial freedom. The most famous and desirable are Monero and Zcash. But this realm is not big enough for both. So there should be only one king.

Therefore, we discover in the format of the 3 round tournament that it is worth wearing the crown of the "king of anonymity" in the encrypted kingdom: Monero or Zcash.

Round # 1: Technology

Monero technology

Originally, Monero's developers were chasing the idea of ​​automatic money transfer through confidential, circular technology transactions. The heart of technology is that the recipients of the funds are "invisible" to other users on the network and additional protection is provided to the funds. As a result, the route of the funds sent is protected by tracking and the amount of transactions is hidden from third parties. Transaction information is available only to recipient and sender.

Disadvantage of the Monero technology

Circular technology has faced its task. However, this result led to high costs of network resources that affected the commission rate for the transaction. The Monero network commission is practically the same as that of Bitcoin.

Hardfork in the Monero network

The automation of the Monero development transaction has been practiced until successfully a technical hardfork October 18, 2018. During the update the developers replaced the circular confidential transaction with a test protocol with a zero disclosure Bulletproofs. As a result, the Monero network transaction fee was reduced by 90%.

Zcash technology

Unlike Monero, Zcash worked on a Zk-SNARK protocol with a zero revelation from the launch. This protocol hides information about a sender, a recipient and a number of transactions and the only data left in the network is the completion of the transaction.

Disadvantage of the Zcash technology

Because of the large amount of computing power needed, not everyone was able to use anonymous transactions. The full node owners were lucky and the rest of the "mere mortals" were satisfied with the usual transactions that have much in common with the transactions in the Bitcoin network.

Hardfork in the Zcash network

During the Zcash hardfork network of October 29, 2018, the new technology of Sapling's anonymous addresses was added. After the upgrade, the network is no longer useless in processing transactions that will provide access to the anonymous transactions of all users of the Zcash network.

However, Sapling is not yet fully implemented, it will be a long time before it completes the online launch. The complexity is that for its complete implementation it is necessary to attract suppliers from third-party services, exchange and encryption services. But for now, Zcash is still waiting and Monero has launched a new update of the Bulletproofs network in which they have modified the mining algorithm in order to protect from the Asic device. Although Zcash is still not seeing this problem.

The result of the first round

Monero wins the first round because Zcash puts down his weapons.

Round # 2: the sphere of true implementation

We are sure that some of our readers will say, "There is nothing to think about, Zcash is a winner". You're right, despite the fact that Monero's capitalization is higher than Zcash's one billion dollars, Monero's daily offering is only $ 16 million at a time when Zcash is $ 116 million. Moreover, Zcash has more influence on various exchanges of cryptocurrency. So, the answer is logical.

If traders' preferences are clear, but what about ordinary crypto users for whom digital currency is the main means of payment? In reality, everything is simple: they have chosen Monero. Perhaps the following will be a discovery for you or maybe not, but Monero is the currency most requested by darknet users.

Although Monero is the darknet favorite, it does not mean that it is only used for illegal offers. In fact, even regular sellers appreciate privacy, which is completely provided by Monero. Obviously, due to anonymity, Zcash is present on both the black and the normal market, but has a low level of confidence.

The result of the second round

Zcash is a commercial project that has been launched with the help of investments that are now being returned through the charge of mining commissions. Monero has more confidence, since it is anonymous and closer to the world's first cryptocurrency – Bitcoin. It is more widespread and implemented in real spheres of activity.

So, Monero wins the second round, still surpassing his opponent. Zcash's chances of becoming king are diminishing.

Round # 3: perspective

The perspectives of Monero and Zcash are almost the same, since these cryptocurrencies prefer anonymity. It means that both are moving against governance and that their financial flows are not under control.

Next year, Groupe d'action financière present the recommendations on the management of digital currencies. There is a high probability that the turn of anonymous coins will be limited. However, this will not affect the value of the currencies other than trade and exchange services.

Well, if the business of the anonymous cryptocurrency is not limited compared to Monero and Zcash will continue to grow, improving and securing their leadership positions in the encrypted market.

The result of the third round

Both are aimed at confidentiality. And until the measures against anonymous coins are taken, the demand and popularity of Monero and Zcash will grow every day even outside the kingdom.

Despite the fact that they both fought honorably, the winner of the third round is "friendship".

Conclusion: who is the king of anonymity in the cryptic world?

Based on the outcome of the 3 round tournament, the king's crown goes to Monero and Zcash becomes the vice-king. It is worth remembering that the gap between fights is minor.

Perhaps some of you are not in agreement with the final result. But since the organizers of the subjective struggle are your cosmic The shark of the coin, so the king of anonymity in this review is Monero. It is closer to the classic, reliable cryptocurrencies, and its anonymous characteristic brings humanity to a new era of financial systems.

Zcash has every chance to win back the crown if its developers find a way to find common ground with the authorities, saving the anonymity of payments.

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