BitGo Cryptocurrency Wallet and Security Firm adds support to the DASH currency

BitGo Cryptocurrency Wallet and Security Firm adds support to the DASH currency

Added Dash's support to Crypto Wallet and US-based security firm Bitgo

The number of rising digital currencies listed in the cryptocurrency security company and institutional portfolio company, BitGo it has been increased with the addition of Dash support.

While the addition makes BitGo the first portfolio solution and multi-signature carrying case it supports dash in the current market, Dash was registered at the 85th place between coins and tokens added to the platform.

The BitGo user interface which is considered as multi-currency friendly allows users to browse the inside of the platform, creating portfolios for Dash and other currencies.

The simplified platform that allows users to view all their resources, move resources between portfolios, also ensures the ability to combine all currency positions in one place, totaling them in $ USD. In addition, the entire transaction history can be viewed by the user.

Without using any additional code, the coins and tokens added to the platform are easily integrated with the use of a single API.

Acknowledging the update, the Chief Technology Officer of BitGoBen Cha said that the integration of BitGo with Dash provides a new currency model with the highest level of security on the market today and an infrastructure that attracts institutional investment.

Institutional clients will be able to take advantage of high security storage and also take advantage of InstantSend on this asset, "said Ben.

Dash's managing director, Ryan Taylor, in his own statement said the two companies will benefit from the latest developments.

While BitGo will become the first company to launch a multi-signature enterprise portfolio that allows institutions to securely benefit from the use of Dash as part of their operations, Dash will also benefit from BitGo's industry-leading services by adding a complete custody solution for its network.

"Because so many great cryptocurrency exchanges are based on BitGo as part of their security, this integration will allow Dash to collaborate with many new exchanges and make Dash's support for some of our existing partners easier." Finally, BitGo acquires a new functionality with Dash in the form of instant transactions, which we think many of their customers, especially exchanges, will appreciate a lot, "said Ryan.

After announcing that the South Dakota Division of Banking approved BitGo as a trusted South Dakota public company, the BitGo Trust Company became the first competent custodian bank specifically created for the storage of digital assets.

This allows customers to maintain their Dash resources independently, with a high level of security and regulatory compliance.

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