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BitGive launches Bitcoin Donation Platform GiveTrack 1.0 on Mainnet

After announcing the beta version of its GiveTrack blockchain-based donation platform in 2017, the BitGive Foundation has now launched GiveTrack 1.0 on the mainnet.

The GiveTrack platform was created to bring transparency to the donation process. Using the platform, donations can be made with bitcoins, allowing donors to monitor the progress of funds in real time, ensuring that donations reach the expected charity organizations and are used for the intended causes.

The latest version of GiveTrack, which was launched at the Latin American Bitcoin and Blockchain Conference in Chile, is a beta product update, with a brand new technology stack and easy onboarding for donors and non-profit organizations.

BitGive is the first non-profit charity based on bitcoin 501 (c) (3) that uses bitcoins to support global charitable projects. The foundation has funded numerous projects in the past, such as the Maternal and Neonatal Program of India and the water project of the Chandolo primary school.

"We are very excited to launch GiveTrack 1.0 after many months of hard work by our team. And it is an honor to launch with four outstanding NGO partners who are doing an important job all over the world and a pleasure to have this opportunity. in Latin America Bitcoin conference in which we have always received an enormous amount of support, "said Connie Gallippi, founder and executive director of BitGive in an interview Bitcoin Magazine.

In addition to the launch, the nonprofit has also announced a Global Bitcoin Fundraiser to support the first group of non-profit organizations added to the newly released GiveTrack 1.0 platform. Academy of Coding for Girls in Afghanistan, Code to Inspire, Desafío Levantemos Chile, America Solidarity and Run for Water are the first non-profit organizations involved in fundraising. As the Christmas season approaches, BitGive hopes the community will be encouraged to donate to these charitable organizations using the new platform.

Commenting on the decision-making process used to choose non-profit organizations for the campaign, Gallippi said:

"We looked for NGOs with a variety of missions and locations globally, who were interested in being at the forefront of bitcoin and blockchain technology, and who had some experience in the non-profit sector to reach the right audience."

In the future, non-profit organizations can harness the power of the blockchain to sign up on the GiveTrack platform to publish their projects.

# Give1BTC

BitGive is also conducting a # Give1BTC campaign, in which it encourages corporate donors to donate 1 bitcoin or $ 5,000 during the holiday season to support nonprofit organizations on the GiveTrack 1.0 platform. RSK and Bloq are both starting the campaign with a donation of $ 5,000 each.

"We are grateful to our development partner Koibanx for their dedication to the project and to our kickoff donors RSK and Bloq to kick off the campaign.We look forward to the Bitcoin and Blockchain community embracing this campaign to keep the spirit of donation alive and demonstrate a powerful case of use for this technology beyond speculation, "said Gallippi.

Last month, BitGive participated in the AmazonSmile program, where Amazon buyers were able to passively pass a portion of their total purchase price to BitGive.

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