BITEXBOOK Crypto Exchange Project Adds Tron (TRX) Coin Trading Pair

BITEXBOOK Crypto Exchange Project Adds Tron (TRX) Coin Trading Pair

BITEXBOOK will offer TRON an energy service that will allow TRONICS to reduce the effort required to manage cryptography. Transparency and reliability will also increase.

Understanding BITEXBOOK

BITEXBOOK is a team of 24 professionals who include experts in the fields of finance and programming. This team has been at the center of various projects, which have enjoyed great success. BITEXBOOK is part of a StreamCapital LTD group. This group of companies was created in 2013. In this group, they have devised various IT and financial projects that seem quite promising.

The goal of BITEXBOOK

The purpose of this project is the provision of high-end solutions in the world of cryptocurrency. In the existing world of crypts, most people do not think they get the best possible services. It is above all the exchanges, which sometimes leave users not appreciated. In most exchanges, the supported customer is non-existent or very unreliable.

Beyond that, they offer limited options for making deposits and withdrawals. If a customer is facing a problem, it may take a long time to resolve it. In some cases, a simple verification to join the exchange can take months. BITEXBOOK decided that they needed to find solutions to these challenges.

Benefits of BITEXBOOK

Instant deposits

On this platform, making deposits is instantaneous. Customers pay and process in one minute or less. Subsequently, users can start using the exchange with their funds without delay.

Withdrawals in an hour

The platform ensures that users can withdraw their funds in an hour or more. However, they are sure that the maximum a user can wait for is an hour.

Checks Only 24 hours

  • Low commissions
  • Fund security
  • High security

In some exchanges, you will have to wait two or more months just to become part of the cryptic economy. It is not so on this exchange, once registered, you start using the exchange after 24 hours or more. This is a guarantee that can be found on the BITEXBOOK website.

The system uses a multilevel system to calculate commissions. Ensures that users can pay commissions of less than 0.1% or less. This is a fantastic model for traders who want to trade huge amounts of crypts.

The funds on this exchange are kept in cold portfolios. These portfolios are not connected to the Internet in any way. The legal assets they manage are under the security of major banks in Europe, which spends huge amounts of resources to protect customer resources.

Various measures have been taken within the BITEXBOOK platform to ensure that all customer data is always safe. The platform uses three levels of security to ensure that the risk of unauthorized access to your account is virtually zero.


This platform and its supporters seem committed to improving what cryptographic exchanges have offered customers so far. It represents the next service in terms of quality of service in exchanges.

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