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Colourful Canadian Calvin Ayre, founder of Bitcoin Cash and now one of the heads of BTC Satoshi Vision, says the flagship cryptocurrency will become worthless in 2019. In an exclusive interview with, the controversial character beliefs bitcoin is being purposely driven into the ground and will almost cease to exist next year. He said: "I'm afraid I'm afraid of it, it has no utility, it's not anti-scaling. "Bitcoin, the technology and economic model, are alive and well with Bitcoin SV (Satoshi Vision) and is going to have an amazing year."

Last month, billionaire Mr Ayre forced the hard fork – splitting one currency into two separate ones – of his Bitcoin Cash (BCH) – a crypto he launched in 2017.

BCH was divided into Bitcoin ABC and Bitcoin SV (Satoshi Vision) during what was widely described as a civil war between existing BCH entrepreneurs.

The ABC (Adjustable Blocksize Cap) was led by Roger Ver and Jihan Wu of Bitmain, as they faced off against Mr. Ayre and his British cohort Dr Craig S Wright.

The ABC camps were keen to maintain the crypto's block size at 32MB, while Dr Wright and Mr Ayre wanted to increase it to 128MB – to move they believe true to the original bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto (hence "Satoshi Vision") .

The basic idea behind the block is based on blockchain – the underlying technology of cryptocurrencies.

A higher block size limit should mean the currency attached to it.

Mr. Smith and Dr. Wright instigated.

Bitcoin back to about $ 3,200 this morning.

With his trademark nonchalance, though, Mr. Ayre rejects any suggestion that the hard fork was partially staged to purposely destabilized bitcoins.

He said: "The hard fork was a distraction but the downturn is because the SegWit coin that's erroneously still called 'bitcoins' now follows the old-fashioned financial trends.

"It's also because people should be about scalability and actual usability.

"Bitcoin SV is a currency, not an asset just to be held, and has real utility.

In the violation of the Nakamoto Consensus Rules that run the bitcoin, destabilized the markets even more. "

The first quarter of 2019 is set to map out the road ahead for both Bitcoin and Bitcoin SV, with the original asset due to be listed by Nasdaq. BSV can attract after Christmas.

Begin to go away from bitcoin.

As for Dr Wright's thoughts, he is pretty clear on the question of 'is bitcoin finished?'.

He said: "BTC is, but it is a sham bitcoin.

"SV is what bitcoin was and is the only way it works."

2018 closed as a very interesting time for bitcoin.

2019 looks set to open in much the same fashion.

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