Bitcoin title to the new high in 2019


Predictions of price in any market can be quite risky, to put it mildly, and when it comes to emerging markets that are still finding a basis, such as cryptocurrencies, the degree of skepticism comes into play. For 2018, Bitcoin (BTC) should have observed a correction in the market, however very few expected it to lose more than 80% in 2018. So, what is in stock for 2019, Weiss's ratings have just published their predictions, let's check them out.

While BTC has slipped from its 2017 point of view, the fundamentals for cryptography in 2018 were extremely good. The rate of adoption was high, some institutional investors such as Citigroup, Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs showed interest in the market. Furthermore, Nasdaq and Bakkt have planned to launch the cryptivatives to invite other institutional giants. In particular, many countries have extended regulatory frameworks to protect investors while opening their doors to the crypt.

Bitcoin: digital gold

The conclusions drawn by Weiss are based on the model of their trend cycles and their model of evaluation of cryptographic currency that evaluates activities in terms of risk, reward, technology and adoption.

The first prediction is that Bitcoin will become digital gold. BTC is considered the best value digital store, as it does not cost anything to store, can be easily transferred, is secure and can not be confiscated by any government or regime. Taking a cue from previous bear markets in 2015, where BTC lost a similar amount, Weiss expects BTC to emerge stronger again.

While some believe the token spiraling toward death, Weiss claims that the great bear has only cleaned up the weak hands and novice traders' market. Those who believe in technology and its long-term benefits have survived and will help BTC reach its all-time highs in 2019.

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The future of Altcoin

The report foresees a similar future for some altcoins, even if no specific names were mentioned, the report reads:

"But among these, a select few with superior technology will gain traction in the real world with increasing adoption, and will eventually return to their all-time highs."

Creating a new type of internet, Internet 3.0 is expected, which will be based on some encrypted such as EOS, Cardano and Holochain mentioned. Although the reason why the platform has dropped the responsibility of these three tokens, while many others such as Ethereum, Tron, Neo, Iota and Icon seem equally deserving, is inexplicable.

Weiss predicts that most of the altcoins will eventually fail and a number of new ones will enter the fray and arrive in the top ten. Regarding Ripple & # 39; s XRP and Stellar Lumens, Weiss predicts that they can only disturb the banking world if they are truly decentralized. Regardless of whether XRP is not truly decentralized, it is expected that if Ripple can replace SWIFT it will become the world's leading cryptocurrency.

The report finally states that copies of Bitcoin will vanish as there is no real need for them. Included in this list of coins that will soon be dead according to Weiss are Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin SV and Litecoin.

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