Bitcoin SV enters the top ten

Lose earnings, falling markets again; Stellar, Monero, Neo Hurting, Bitcoin SV bouncing in seventh place.

The crypto markets have failed to keep their gains from yesterday's rally and are slipping back today. The total market capitalization fell back below $ 125 billion, while looking at another new low this week.

A baby bounce that saw Bitcoin return to $ 4,000 died as quickly as it started since BTC is falling today. In the last 24 hours Bitcoin has been rebounded from the support at $ 3,650 twice and it seems that this will no longer hold. At the time of writing BTC was down 7% on the trading day just above $ 3,700.

Ethereum is weakening from day to day and there are no rallies in sight. ETH also decreased by 8% compared to yesterday's lower gains, currently at $ 105. The top ten is once again portraying a grim image as most of the cryptos are slipping between 6 and 9 percent during the day. Stellar made the biggest dive and Monero was eliminated from the top ten of a new entry.

Coinmarketcap has updated its listings to include Bitcoin SV with a cap of around $ 1.8 billion and drops 3% a day to just under $ 105. This new addition has reached the eighth place over Litecoin and Cardano .

Everything is red in the top twenty section with Monero, Ethereum Classic, Neo and Zcash losing 9%. Nem is the only altcoin that does not fall hard at the time of writing while Coincheck reopens.

A dark pump of Gold Bits Gold put this coin at the top of a hundred with a 50% peak that is likely to be discharged by tomorrow. Chainlink is also recovering 12% and Ravencoin has gained 6%, but there are no others apart from the stablecoins that are doing well today.

Previous firefighters are now unloading while Sirin Labs' token and Factom slip 25% the day followed by Mithril and Dentacoin, each losing over 14% during the Asian trading session this morning.

Total market capitalization declined again today, erasing all gains from the recent rally. It is down by almost 7% on the day to around $ 121 billion. As Bitcoin can not keep the support crypts, the markets are set to fall further in the coming days and the total ceiling could easily fall below $ 100 billion.

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