Bitcoin still beats $ 4,000 finally up again today

Cointelegraph analysis

Previously, Adrian Zmudzinski published an analysis of the cryptocurrency market, Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple on Cointelegraph. While his article went to press, the first 20 cryptocurrencies were seeing a mix of moderate gains and losses.


Bitcoin was only around $ 3,850 when the article was published according to the Coin360 data. However, later in the article it states that the BTC rose slightly to $ 3,870. He returned to where he was on December 30, $ 3,867. It is less than the mid-week maximum of $ 3,946 on January 2nd, but above the minimum of $ 3,710 reached on January 1st. However, around about 11.15, the BTC rose suddenly and exceeded the barrier of 4,000.

Ethereum (ETC)

After Bitcoin, Ethereum is the next biggest cryptocurrency by market capitalization. Ethereum is widening the gap in relation to the third largest coin ripple (XRP). Currently, Ethereum has a market capitalization of $ 15.9 billion, while Ripple is only $ 14.5. On some occasions in the past Ripple was the second coin per cap.

The value of Ethereum has decreased by almost 3% in the last 24 hours. At the time of the press, ETH was trading at around $ 153 while it started the day at around $ 157. However, on the weekly chart, it rose from a start to $ 139.


Ripple is down, but only a fraction of a percent and was trading around $ 0.357 at the time of printing. On the weekly chart the current price is less than $ 0.366 to which XRP has started the week. January 2 reached a maximum of $ 0.378

Other cryptocurrencies

Among the top 20 Litecoin cryptographic coins (LTC) it has gained almost 8% while Caradano (ADA) has gained more than 5%.

The total capitalization of all cryptographic coins is about $ 132.3 approximately at the same level as a week ago $ 130.5, only marginally. January 2 was a little higher at $ 135.2 billion.

Current situation

24 hours ago BTC opened for $ 3,790. Since then it has increased to $ 3,781 and up to $ 4,063. At 8:50 pm Central Standard Time was still above $ 4,000 to $ 4,015. This is a $ 225 dollar gain from a significant jump of around 6 percent in the 24 hours. However, there are several resistance points to overcome above the $ 4000 level.

As I write this, Ethereum is at $ 153.57 which is actually a bit over the last twenty-four hours according to Coingecko's data, an increase of just over two percent.

Coingecko has Ripple at $ 0.360883 up 2.4 percent from twenty four hours ago,

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