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Bitcoin Satoshi Vision (BSV) cryptocurrency can now be stored in the ElectrumSV wallets


Bitcoin Satoshi Vision (BSV) cryptocurrency can now be stored in the Electrum SV wallets!

Bitcoin SV (BSV) is gaining more popularity from day to day as more companies have chosen to embrace the cryptocurrency. One of the main reasons for which he distinguished himself is the similarity of the coin in design to the BTC of Satoshi, then the same vision. Recently, its parent entity "bComm Association" has announced the new available Electrum SV wallets.

If you've been a cryptic enthusiast for a while, you might have heard of the pioneer of the Electrum portfolio originally created for BTC. This digital wallet is ranked among the best inside the crypto-arena thanks to its fundamental value. The new Electrum SV will be even better with more advanced features that include;

  • Desktop compatibility
  • Account management features
  • Connection with other hardware portfolios such as Keepkey, Ledger and Bitbox.
  • Modern interface that allows the transfer of private keys between Electrum SV and other digital portfolios.
  • Conversion features for cryptographic coins from BCH to BSV.

This innovation was created by Neil Boom and Roger Taylor who previously interacted with a digital portfolio known as Electron built to serve Bitcoin Cash holders. The two stated that BSV was created following the steps of Bitcoin but with a sharpness on the stability and practicality of the currency. It follows that the Electrum SV digital wallet will improve the efficiency of the currency in the future.

At the moment, Electrum SV It is designed for desktop use and its developers have suggested that this could stay as it is for a while. The explanation provided was that Electrum SV is a portfolio of choice for developers mostly desktop approach. In addition, the team has already ventured into the mobile phone market through its products; Cashpay, PixelWallet, Centbee and Handcash.

BSV saw a successful 2018 despite the bear market. The currency was added as a pair on a pair of coin exchanges and bundled as an investment by Circle Invest. In addition, the rigid currency fork has attracted a good number of payment service providers with the latest support to engage at the start of this week.

Booth and Taylor are optimistic that with a consistent development they will create a portfolio that will be favorable for consumer adoption with a first-order user experience. The two developers agree that it is time for BTC to move on to the next level in terms of the convenience and stability of the protocol used. According to Booth and Taylor, this will facilitate the massive adoption of BSV as a cryptocurrency in the second decade of existence of digital resources. The goal of the Electrum SV portfolio is reduced to the changing interface design, from being developer-oriented to simple wallets that anyone can use.

An interesting feature of the Electrum SV portfolio is the tool for dividing the coins that the two developers explained in an interview with CoinGeek;

"It works by combining the coins received from a single BSV tap with the other coins in your wallet so that your coins become only BSV coins from then on. You can recover your ABC coins using Electron Cash in the usual way, but only afterwards have performed the procedure of splitting the coins. "

Booth also made some comments about what to expect in the future for the Electrum SV portfolio. Ideally, the team aims to improve existing features such as the ecosystem to accommodate larger portfolios in the future. The GUI will also be enhanced to provide a complete user experience along with privacy features based on multisig design.

The launch of Electrum SV was well received by the president of the bComm association, Jimmy Nguyen. He echoed positive feelings about this move that he defines as a possible legacy in the area of ​​cryptographic development;

"We are thrilled to help Roger and Neil bring the strong assets of the Electrum portfolio into Bitcoin SV.The ElectrumSV team understands that Bitcoin is suitable for everyone, not just developers, which is why their approach to Electrum's update to a more user-friendly portfolio for BSV is critical to helping reach Satoshi Vision – a world where billions of people use Bitcoin globally every day. "

Bitcoin Satoshi Vision (BSV) remains the only cryptocurrency ecosystem that has remained faithful to Bitcoin's pioneering goal. Its developments were driven by the Bitcoin whitepaper as expected by Satoshi. Fundamentally, cryptographic money has a lot of potential to offer an efficient and effective P2P payment path.

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