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Bitcoin prediction: Bitcoin time is over while encryption has surpassed the 2019 request expert | City and business | Finance

The poor development of Bitcoin and the total lack of technical support will be the definitive end of the token. Because technology companies invest in blockchain technologies and provide the time and effort needed to feed digital currencies, some experts believe that the bitcoin will fail to keep up. According to Samuel Leach, founder of the cryptocurrency Moneta Yield Coin, 2019 promises to be a particularly exciting year of "growth of real cryptocurrency". However, in his opinion, the bitcoin may not necessarily ride the wave of cryptography progress even if centralized regulation recognizes the value of the token.

At worst, Mr. Leach thinks that a future without bitcoins is slowly becoming a sad reality.

He said: "Bitcoin in my eyes is more like Grandpa.You see others emerge as Ripple, which has a solid team behind it constantly developing it and progressing forward in the future.

"Bitcoin is made, it's done and that's what's left and that's what we're working with, so it's one of those that I think will slowly evolve as the market grows.

"As more tokens and other cryptos are created, they will start moving money to other areas of the market.

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"I think the encrypted ones are here to stay but the bitcoin will never be a stablecoin."

The stable currencies are cryptocurrencies designed to counter the rapid price movements and volatility on the cryptocurrency markets.

In principle, stablecoins are designed to be a digital version of legal currency or a deposit of value anchored to the US dollar, for example, designed for everyday use and transactions in mind.

Bitcoin failed to become a stablecoin because of its incredible unpredictability and significant price fluctuations for shorter periods of time.

The price and value of Bitcoin are only related to speculation and traders willing to buy it.

Just this year, the bitcoin has already dropped by about 80% in mid-December 2017, when prices have risen to almost £ 155252.60 ($ 20,000) per token.

And this month, bitcoin has lost 17% of its value while the cryptos have crashed on the markets.

The smaller cryptocurrencies are anchored to the value of bitcoins and etheeum, the second largest token on the market, is likely to fall into the same trap.

Mr. Leach said that the most likely thing that happens to bitcoin is that it gets recognition from the exchanged funds (ETFs) and futures markets.

The token will remain a highly speculative trading option for some, while others may find it useful as a utility or function.

But every real hope of using it day by day as a store of value is out of the question.

The news comes after market analysts warned bitcoin owners to prepare for "more months of pain" and price fluctuations.

Mr Leach said: "Bitcoin is the word of order – it's what everyone knows when people think about encrypted.

"I think it has served its purpose and will serve the purpose of speculation and obtaining a monetary return".

On Friday, November 30th, the bitcoin trade got underway at £ 3292.99 ($ ​​4,209.56) per token, according to the CoinDesk crypto tracker.

From 8.33 am GMT (UTC) the virtual currency traded hands for £ 3,269.65 ($ 4,179.72) – 0.56 down in the last 24 hours.

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