Here's what happened this week in Bitcoin in 99 seconds.

Facebook will cancel the ban on cryptographic ads on its social media platform. The ban was established in January. The move has fueled rumors that Facebook intends to launch its own encryption or even acquire the giant of the American exchange, Coinbase. For now, all that is clear is that cryptographic advertisements will reach more eyes.

Silicon Valley's investment company, Andreessen Horowitz, has introduced a new $ 300 million crypto venture fund, known as a16z cryptocurrency. The fund will invest globally in cryptographic projects with proven applications, regardless of current downward market conditions.

The Chinese cryptic company, BTCC, is selling a 49% stake in its mining crypto business for nearly $ 19 million. The BTCC mining pool currently accounts for 1.6% of the network's hashrate. The contract provides for an annual profit expectation of approximately $ 3.8 million USD.

According to the results of a survey, 35% of Europeans believe Bitcoin is the future of online payment. Two thirds of Europeans are aware of the crypto and 15% of respondents want to be paid. The survey was conducted by the Dutch banking group, ING, which interviewed about 15,000 people.

The US financial regulatory body, the SEC, has requested a public comment on a proposed Bitcoin ETF, or an exchange-traded fund. If approved, the SolidX Bitcoin ETF will be traded with the Bitcoin futures on the Chicago Board Options Exchange.

This is what happened this week in Bitcoin. I'll see you next week.